worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2007-06-26 23:19:19 (UTC)

Week Two

Mistress A and Master J so much enjoyed their week of
ordering me to subject myself to morning and evening
torments that they decided to make it a regular

Sunday PM:
“Before you go to sleep tonight, you will strip all the
pillows, sheets, and blankets off your bed. Then strip
yourself naked. You will sleep naked on the naked bed, no
blanket or covering of any sort. But before your settle
in for the night, you will tie your left ankle to the
bottom left bedpost, and tie your right ankle to the
bottom right bedpost. Tie them tight so your legs are
spread wide. Your hands can remain free. Spend half an
hour fingering your cunt and teasing your clit. Do not, I
repeat, do not allow yourself to cum.”

I do exactly as ordered. Well, almost exactly.

Monday AM:
“Did you follow our instructions last night, slut?”

“Um, well…”

“You allowed yourself to cum, didn’t you, you stupid slut?”

“Yes Mistress A. I’m sorry, I just – “

“I don’t want to hear it! It’s only the beginning of the
week and you already disobeyed us. You will be punished
severely for this. Now pay attention, because if you
screw this up, you will regret it all week.
First, take one of the strongest clamps you have and
attach it to your filthy clit. Do not remove it.
Second, take a pair of tweezers and one at a time yank out
50 pubic hairs. Be accurate because you will save all the
hair in an envelope, labeled ‘naughty slut,’ and present
it to us at a later date. If even one is missing, I will
personally yank out another 100.
Third, remove the clamp from your clit. Take a wooden
ruler and spank your disgusting cunt 50 times. I’m sure
your cunt will already be sore from the clamp and
tweezing, but I don’t care. 50 smacks – hard! Let’s see
how much you want to play with your pussy after that.
Finally, take your precious envelope of pubes to work with
you. Carry it with you at all times. Three times during
the day I want you to open it and count each hair. Make
sure none are missing. If you lose one, you will be

Monday PM:
“Did you manage to follow this morning’s instructions,

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Good. But I don’t think your pathetic pussy has suffered
enough for last night’s infraction. So here are your
evening orders. Get naked. Attach clamps to each pussy
lip. Attach the clamps to your thighs, so that when you
walk or spread your legs, your pussy lips pull and
stretch. Lay on the floor on your back. Put your feet
together and spread your knees wide open. Your pussy
should be wide open too. Sterilize a needle. Shove the
needle all the way through your clit. Push it in one side
so it is sticking out the other. Yes, this is going to
Next, stand up. Walk to the entrance of your apartment
and touch the door with your nose. Then walk to the very
back of your apartment and touch the farthest corner with
your nose. You’ll probably want to walk with your legs,
and pussy, spread as much as possible, otherwise that
needle is going to be causing you even more pain.
Continue walking laps until your nose has touched the door
and corner 5 times.
You may then remove the needle. Be sure to dab your clit
with rubbing alcohol afterwards. Of course it will sting,
but it will also protect you from infection. Then you may
finally remove the clamps.
Don’t fuck up this time, slut! I know this is going to
hurt a lot. But I don’t care, you should be crying
because it is a punishment. Trust me, you will want to
complete this punishment on your own; it will only be
worse if I have to administer it to you directly.”

Tuesday AM:
“Did you complete your punishment last night, slut?”

“Yes Master J.”

“How did you like it?”

“I-I didn’t Master J. It hurt so much. I’m very sorry I
disobeyed you. It won’t happen again.”

“I wouldn’t think so. Well, you seem sincere in your
remorse. For that, your cunt will be spared this
morning. Your orders this morning are simple. Take a
medium sized butt-plug and insert it into your ass with
minimal lubrication. Leave it there all day while you go
to work. As the day goes on, it will become more and more
uncomfortable. Such is the life of a painslut. Have a
nice day dear.”

Tuesday PM:
“Are you still wearing your butt-plug?”

“Yes Master J.”

“How does it feel?”

“Extremely uncomfortable Master J. Actually, it’s rather

“I have no doubt about that. You may remove the plug.
For the rest of the evening, until you go to sleep, you
are not permitted to walk upright. You may only crawl on
your hands and knees. And don’t forget to strip first.

“Yes Master J.”

“Good. And one more thing, you must reinsert the butt-
plug before you go to sleep. Pleasant dreams.”

Wednesday AM:
“Good morning slut. I trust you slept well?”

“Good morning Master J. Sleeping was a little difficult,
um, uncomfortable.”

“Well that’s understandable. You may remove the butt-plug
before you get into the shower. But before you do, do the
following. Attach clamps to your nipples. Run a chain
between the clamps. Fill a Nalgene bottle with water; be
sure to fill it completely. Hang the bottle from the
chain. You may then remove the plug. You must shower
with the water bottle pulling on your tits. I imagine the
increasing pain in your tits will make you shower a bit
faster than your normal leisurely showers. That’s fine if
you wash quickly, just don’t skip anything from your
normal routine.”

Wednesday PM:
“Did you enjoy your shower this morning, slut?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Good. Then I’m sure you won’t mind a little more titty
torture. Take two large Nalgene bottles and fill them
each two-thirds of the way with water. Hang each bottle
from a clamp on your nipple. Oh yes, I’m sure it will
hurt a great deal. Put on a pair of 5-inch, stiletto high
heels. Clasp your hands behind your back. Now, just like
Monday night, start walking. Touch your nose to the front
door, then to the farthest back corner. Touch each one 15
times. I know you’ll love the feeling of your big fat
tits being pulled and stretched with every step. And
while you’re doing your laps, recite ‘I’m a fat,
disgusting cow.’ Recite it non-stop and loudly. But
don’t loose count of the laps, or you’ll have to start all
When you are done, you must drink all the water in both
bottles before you are allowed to remove the clamps. You
are not allowed to piss before going to bed tonight. Now
get to work.”

Thursday AM:
“Let’s get right to it, slut. There is no time to waste.
You must exercise before breakfast this morning. Put on a
sports bra, panties, sweatshirt, and sweatpants. Before
you step on your elliptical machine for a full 30 minutes
of running, take a few handfuls of spoon-size shredded
wheat and shove them into your bra and panties. Use a
minimum of 4 handfuls. Then get started running. No
using the fan, I want you to sweat real good. Don’t let
the chaffing of your breakfast against your skin slow you
down, I expect you to run your usual distance.
After the 30 minutes is up, strip. Dump the cereal into a
bowl and eat up. I’m sure it will taste wonderful covered
in your filthy sweat. Eat it all. Enjoy.”

Thursday PM:
“Hello, cunt.”

“Hello Master J.”

“Are you eager for your evening orders?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Good. Your Mistress and I have discussed it and we don’t
think your fat ass has gotten enough attention this week.
Tonight, you are going to remedy that. Write down the
following list:
Plastic ruler
Wooden ruler
Large plastic stirring spoon – spoon end
Large wooden stirring spoon – spoon end
Large plastic stirring spoon – handle end
Large wooden stirring spoon – handle end
Riding crop
That’s ten specific means you are going to use to spank
your fat ass tonight. Starting now, you will begin at the
top of the list and work your way down. Twenty strokes
from each on each ass cheek. That’s right; each fat ass
cheek will be getting 200 swats tonight. Start with your
hand – twenty smacks to the right cheek and twenty to the
left. You can do twenty to each in a row, or alternate
back and forth – your choice. Then wait half an hour and
move to the second item on the list. Twenty more to each
Each stroke should be hard! If you go easy on yourself,
you will be made to repeat this task in our presence and
the number of strokes will be doubled!
It will take a total of 5 hours to complete the task so
don’t waste time getting started.
And one more thing, write a detailed log as you complete
this task. Include which implements hurt the most, how
your fat ass looks after each spanking, and how you feel
throughout the process.
You may sleep on your stomach tonight if you wish. Bye-
bye, little painslut.”

Friday AM:
“How does your fat ass feel this morning, piggy?”

“It is very sore Mistress A.”

“Is it bruised?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Hopefully that means you didn’t go too easy on
yourself. We are looking forward to reading your log this
weekend. We’ll also be sure to incorporate your, shall we
say, research into our future sessions.
This morning when you drive to work, sit on a flat wooden
board, like a cutting board so you can feel the pain from
last night’s spanking during your commute. Update your
log with details from the ride as well.
But before you can go to work, here are this morning’s
orders. Get dress and ready for work. Wear a pants
suit. Wear panties under the suit. Once you are fully
dressed, put your vibrating bullet in your panties and
tight against your clit. Turn it on high. Sit down and
leave it vibrating on high for 30 minutes. Do not cum!
After 30 minutes, remove the bullet and go to work. No
doubt you will be very wet with your disgusting juices
soaking your panties. Do not wash or wipe yourself off.
I want you to stay sopping wet all day.
Bring your toy to work with you. During your lunch break,
go to your car and repeat my orders. 30 minutes vibrating
on high. Do not cum or you will be punished severely!
Perhaps a repeat of Monday’s punishments.
Again you may not wipe yourself after the 30 minutes.
Leave your smelly cunt juices soaking through your panties
and into your suit pants all day. I’m sure your coworkers
will be able to smell your filth. Don’t worry; I’m sure
no one will say anything. But they’ll all be thinking
about what a disgusting slut-pig you are.
Have a good day dear.”

Friday PM:
“Are you still wearing your wet panties and suit, slut?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Do you feel like a filthy whore?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Good. Now strip. Take your filthy, smelly, wet panties
and shove them into your mouth. Put tape over your mouth
and stay like that, with your dirty, panty-gag all night.
Your cunt juices are your dinner tonight.
Shove your fingers into your filthy cunt so they are nice
and wet. Then rub your smelly cunt juices on your face
and under your nose. Enjoy your disgusting aroma all
You are not allowed to wash your hands either. So be
careful what you touch tonight, or it will end up smelling
as gross as you.
You may remove the panties from your mouth right before
you go to bed. But you may not wash your face or brush
your teeth. Sleep tight, smelly-slut.”

Saturday AM:
“Rise and shine, darling. I hope you are wide awake
because you have a lot to do this morning and not a lot of
First, take a shower. I’m sure you are still filthy from
yesterday. Maybe one day you will learn to control
yourself better. Shower and be sure to clean yourself
thoroughly. Don’t forget to brush your teeth.
Second, eat breakfast. Make a large plate of scrambled
eggs; add a teaspoon of hot sauce. Dump the food onto the
kitchen floor and eat it using only your mouth. You may
not drink anything to wash it down after. So if you are
thirsty, drink something before you eat.
Third, stay naked on your hands and knees on the kitchen
floor. Hand write ‘I am a fat, disgusting, naughty pig-
slut’ 100 times on loose-leaf paper. Use red pen. Write
neatly. If you mess up, you must throw the page away and
start a new one.
Fourth, get dressed. Short skirt. Tight tank top. No
bra. No panties. High heels. Butt-plug. Do your hair
nicely. Do your makeup whorish. Write ‘SLUT’ in red
lipstick across your forehead.
Finally, drive to our place. Bring with you your spanking
log and this morning’s writing assignment. Also bring
your ‘naughty slut’ envelope with your 50 pubic hairs.
Carry the envelope in your mouth, like a dog bringing the
paper to its master. Keep the envelope clenched in your
mouth from the second you leave your apartment until it is
delivered to us. That and the SLUT label on your forehead
will look real nice during the long drive to our place.
Don’t waste time. You have exactly two hours to follow my
orders and get here. If you are late, you will be