Soul Flares
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2007-06-23 06:58:43 (UTC)

Workin; problems like usual

As per usual I get a new job and I run into problems. I
don't know HOW but once again; one of my coworkers thinks
I'm the sexiest thing he's ever seen. He's 9 years older
than me and hitting on me incessantly. He wont stop talking
about my ass and breasts; and how BADLY he wants to go down
on me. My god it's a headache listening to him.

I mean he likes me, ok whatever. Then he wont stop talking
about me like I'm some...some pin up girl for him to stare
at. I HAVE a boyfriend and he knows it. He KNOWS I wont do
anything with me but he keeps saying it. How do I end up
like that? With coworkers looking at me hungerly, and going
on about how hot I am?

I mean come ON! I'm not really pretty. I'm not exactly ugly,
but I'm not really hot! Plus I'm pregnant so I'm not skinny
and not pretty. Still I mean how is this happening to me
AGAIN! plus this job is REALLY good. They wanna give me
money for school. They'll do maternity leave. They pay
great. but no...guys ALWAYS have to have a thing for me. I
mean COME ON!

Luis wants to kill him. I told him, I had to. It upset me so
badly and he even though he's in Mexico and can't hear me he
could just tell that I was upset. So He made me tell him. So
he knows, and wants to hurt him. God damn. Why do I have to
find a good job and STILL get screwed?!?