I drink Alone
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2007-06-21 20:23:44 (UTC)

Yeah, so bladsljfjnadv. I m..

Yeah, so bladsljfjnadv.
I'm fixing to be into a custody battle with ryan and
probably my parents.
Fun shit.
Tomorrow we leave for South Padre. I hope Hayden has fun.
Last night we went to Aces bar with Caleb. Probably
shouldn't of, I was in a very bad mood.
It's like I'm always happy and depressed. I cried quite a
bit last night for no real reason.
Joe keeps talking about a surprise he has for me this
weekend, I'm really curious.
I still haven't talked to Lindsey or Jo. I saw Lindsey Mom
last night. She told me I should give Lindsey a call.
But no, those drama bitches!

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