Drama (swear words included)
2007-06-21 04:33:35 (UTC)

ABOUT ME - 6/21/2007 12:15am

My name is Jen, I'm twenty years old.. and I'm newly single
after a LONG time.. and GOD, let's just SAY that it is
going to be such an Adventure!! I am going to enjoy getting
out and away from those people that hold me back. Before
you read this and expect everything to be completely cheery
you must know that I still need to do a little bit of
releasing my tension and anger. So, pretty much.. I'll be
ranting for a couple of weeks before I can get over him and
everything else that is going on in my life. But it's
definitely going to be interesting to say the least!

So, Lou is someone that I had been dating for about 2
months when I decided to break up with him on Father's Day.
I was feeling IGNORED like always and of course, he didn't
give a damn!! Anyways, so basically what happened was, he
called me up yesterday and told me that he missed me and
told me that he wanted to see me. Like always, once again,
I believed him.
Tonight, I felt absolutley disappointed and sad. Lou
made me feel like shit for the LAST time tonight - he
invites me over.. and then makes me feel like a "booty
call." Well.. all I can say about that ... is HELL NO!! I
Refuse!! So, of course, with my balls of steel, I stood up,
grabbed my purse, and sternly walked out of his room and
OUT of his LIFE for good!!
God, it really hurt so bad to leave and walk away
because my heart literally ACHES for him! I mean, it's hard
to believe unless you have been there. But I just thought
that we had such a strong, mental & physical connection
between us... but I guess it was just my imagination. Nah,
honestly, he is just a really good liar and I really wanted
to believe his lies! Well, I'm pretty much just trying to
use this journal thing as a way to release some stress...
so it will be FULL of drama.. and this is just the first of
many more crazy ass rants, dramatic inquiries, and just
plain old REAL shit! I hope somebody enjoys this initial
embark on my life.

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