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2007-06-19 05:37:32 (UTC)

I feel...

So I spent the last week with Susan and I fell pretty hard
for her... I hope her for me... She says it.. I say
it.. Problem?


I honestly don't care what she has done in the past and
she can tell me anything... And for the first time, I
feel like I can tell her anything. Being away from her
puts me in a bad mood... I already miss her...

I don't even know what to do... I might not even see her
again and for all I know, this was a fling. I feel like
shit right now.... I hid it pretty well, but her ex was
texting her today. I didn't care what he had to say, I
didn't care at all. But she hurt me... Not by what she
had done, but because she was hiding it. She never said
that didn't happan- I figured it was true when he told
me. Someone doesan't really lie about that...

We never really got to talk... Atleast the way I wanted
to. I wanted to tell her so much..... I just didn't have
the words.

I just want to scream... Everything in life is difficult,
everything has to be challenging and everyone in life has
to present different problems which somehow find there way
to me...

Really, what scares me is uncertanty. I care about her so
much and my biggest fear is that she doesan't give a
damn. I know that isn't true but she did keep a lot of
shit from me...

Even though.... I love her to death and that could only
change if she cheated or something...

Either way, I feel great.... Except for im crying.