Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-06-17 20:29:27 (UTC)


there is. something. amiss.

I lack quite a bit of energy to do even the simplest
thing I've found, especially lately. It's very, very
disconcerting. I almost wonder if I've sunk deeper in
that pit of depression I've been staving off for so
long, wondering if it's perhaps etched itself into
my psyche much more than before.

I've always had a mild sort of depression, had it since
I was young, and probably will have it til I'm lying
in my death bed, waiting for the sound of midnight to
pass away into the ether.

looking outside now, It's very windy, I think I'll take
a walk, just enjoy the ambiance of the air, it's not
the nicest day out. but it's good enough.

there are two great tragedies in life?

getting what you want, and not getting it.

I feel like I'm self destructing, and imploding with each breath

I dream of rain, and girl with whom to dance the night away.