My Gay Misadventures
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2007-06-17 16:35:57 (UTC)

Day 3

So its 9am in california, and so far things are goin
pretty good.

The flight over here was hell. with both planes on delay
it took maybe 7 hrs to get here. So the 1st pre-day was
pretty much just spent in the air.

Day 1 also consisted of new means of transportation. Chips
groovy motocycle. Bruiser. We spent all day goin thru the
vally, thru towns, and eventually ended up in sacramento.
It was pridefest, so it was queer-a-palooza. After
searching for hours for a dealer. any dealer. we left
empty handed.

Day 2 was all ranch work. We tore down a camper, and
attempted to tear down a shed, but 3 rather intimdating
horses prevented us from completion. I got a tan. so now
im lookin more mojado then ever. However it was another
day unsuccesful in the MJ department.

Today im hell bent on finding someone, anyone, who had the
connect. A few other things iv missed since iv been here,
Coke (the soda). Been livin off coffee. Not complaining
tho. Just ganna be that much sweeter.

Living on the ranch means i dont see much of the rest of
the population. But im gettin along fantastic with my new
housemates. Judy, Chips aunt, and andrew and brittney, his
12 and 13y/o cousins(?)...then of course theres the dogs,
chickens, horses, and cats...

The lack of humitdy has done wonders for my complection.
And with judy the cook she is, i may beef up a bit too.
maybe ill update my myspace once i get the camra up n

Its early, and there are still a few things i needa get
done. (and this 24kbps modem isnt too idealistic to stay
online)...later keepsake.

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