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2007-06-17 04:12:08 (UTC)

Insectarium (IZ THUS 1 LOL)

“Your results on the test subject doctor?”


“Subject seems to be adjusting fine. It’s taking to the
drugs rather strangely, however. I’m meeting with Dr. Howard
to see if the reaction was normal later on this afternoon.”


“Very well. If I could just have the papers on the subject,
we can move it to the Habitat within the week.”


A hiss, slight and small.
The doctor and nurse whirled around to the tank behind them,
the whizzing of machinery the only sound. Wide eyed they
stared hard at the slightly smaller, human like figure at
the bottom of the tank. It didn’t move, didn’t make a noise.
It just laid there, like it had always done. It’s
fluorescent, hard, black and purple elytra covering thin,
delicate wings. The antennae twitched once. Twice.
Picking up the walkie-talkie on the table, the doctor pushed
the button on the side.
“Emergency, subject is showing signs of life. Bring down a
cage and tranquilizers to Lab 224.”


It’s arm twitched, fingers flexing every so slightly.
“…Mmmmmoovvveee….” A hiss, a blink. It was alive. In shock,
the doctor stood in disbelief as It stood, slow and shaky,
to it’s feet. The nurse gave a terrified squeak behind the
doctor and fled through the open door. Creator met Created,
their eyes locked on one another. It’s black eyes were open
in wonder as it stared at the man before it, the very first
human it had seen with it’s own eyes. The doctor walked
forward to the tank, his eyes never leaving It as he pressed
a hand up against the clear, thick plastic. It stepped back
in alarm, head cocked to the side, antennae twitching
forward in response.
The doctor smiled, nodding his head for It to come forward.
It opened and closed it’s wing covers, hesitating at this
new contact. Carefully, It lifted one of It’s four arms up
to the side as well, matching It’s hand with his. It’s
antennae brushed the wall of the tank, trying to sense the
man on the other side.
It let out a content little burble, mouth open in greeting.


“We came as fast as we could doctor!” Four men busted
though the door, carrying a metal cage and tranquilizer gun.
It’s shrieked out in surprise, eyes narrowing and hissing at
the men. Crouching down on it’s two legs, opening it’s
elytra and vibrated it’s fanned out wings, warning the men
not to come closer. The doctor held up his hands to calm
them down as one loaded the gun.
“Step back, please, Sir.” The man with the gun pushed the
doctor back and away from the tank. “We’re trained for this
The doctor shook his head. “No, you don’t understand, she’s
fine; you just startled her when you came in.”
It hissed again, backing into the corner of the tank as the
man came closer.
“It looks like it needs to be subdued, Sir. I’m sorry, but
we can’t transport it like this.”
Opening up a small door in the top of the tank, the man
placed the end of the gun through and aimed.
“No! she just needs to calm down! Please, listen to me!” The
doctor franticly yelled, reaching for the gun. The man
shoved him off, “You need to calm down, Sir. After all, It’s
just a bug.” He said, aimed again and shot.



Raspy breathing, slow and laboured.
The harsh sound of medical equipment and machinery clinking
and whispering, echoing off clean white walls. No one else,
no one but the small figure strapped to and examination
table in the middle of the room. Barely alive she looked,
the only sign was a slightly twitching antennae or
fluttering eyelids. It had been almost four hours since they
had shot and subdued her, wheeling her into this cold room
and bounding her to the metal table.
She had been alone for most of it, nurses coming in once and
a while to check on her vital signs but they never stayed
long, they were too frightened.
She made a soft, worried clicking sound, wondering where
that man had gone. The nice one who had first been there
when she woke up. The light fixture above her was shining so
brightly in her eyes, she couldn’t get a good look at the
room she was in.


The door opened and a man wearing a white lab coat walked
briskly in.
She tried to turn her head to see him but the straps and the
ceiling light prevented that.
Following him was the nurse from before, she had regained
her composer at seeing her move and stood dutifully next to
the man. He walked over to her, making it easier for her to
see him. Hissing in alarm, she realized that it was not the
man she was hoping for. The nice one.
He reached up and turned down the glare of the light, his
face a mask of indifference.
The nurse walked over to him, bringing a small table on
wheels. On it there was all sorts of instruments, shining
brightly in the light. The nurse checked the straps holding
her down, tightening a few. The man examined the table of
tools beside him, picking a few up and turning them around
in his hands. The blades of the scalpels shone and danced
before her fearful eyes. She was suddenly hit with the
thought of what they could be about to do to her. Hissing
louder she struggled against the bonds but they held fast.
The two humans took no notice and continued preparing. The
man was washing his hands in a sink near by and the nurse
was preparing a long needle. Tapping the end to let air
bubbles escape, the nurse walked over to the examination
table. She shrieked and struggled more, the growing sense of
panic taking over. The nurse swabbed her arm with an alcohol
soaked cotton ball and gently pressed the tip of the needle
into her skin. She shrieked even louder, violently fighting
and biting at the straps that refused to let her go. She
felt the needle slide out as the man came back over to her.
Swiftly, he picked up one of the scalpels, judging the
sharpness with the tip of his finger.


The door flew open, a dishevelled and furious man stood
glaring at the two humans in the room.
“What,” He said, walking quickly into the room and pointing
at the man in the white coat.
“The hell do you think you’re doing to her?!” His eyes were
narrow and dangerous.
A noise of surprise and joy came from the creature on the
table. It was him. She was saved.
The man turned to the intruder calmly and placed the scalpel
down again.
“It,” He gestured to the creature on the table. “Is
completely open for subject testing.
I suggest you calm down, Sir, before I have to call
security.” He met the mans angry gaze evenly.
“You have no right to lay a finger on her! She’s a perfect
and completed specimen!” He demanded, pointing to her. She
made another gurgle of joy, but more softly this time, the
drug the nurse had given her was taking fast effect.
“Dr. Howard, I’ll be taking her into my custody
immediately.” And with that he grabbed the radio at his hip
and requested for a carrying cage to be brought to him.
Dr. Howard glared hard at the man as he untied the sleepy
creature from the table.
“You realize, Dr. Harrison, that you are currently taking a
defective and dangerous specimen without the authorization.
I have to ask you to release it and leave.” Dr. Howard
reached forward and quickly grasped Dr. Harrison’s free arm.
With his other hand, he grasped a scalpel from the table,
waving it threateningly.
In her drowsiness, the creature’s eyes lazily followed the
knife before it sank in that the man meant to hurt them
both. She struggled to stand, wing casings opening and
releasing vibrating wings. She let out a long, angry hiss as
she shook her head against the drugs effects.
Hissing again, she lunged forward, surprising Dr. Howard
and knocking the knife from his hands. They struggled hard
on the floor, Dr. Harrison trying to pry her off of the man.
In a mass of clicking’s and hisses, words and phrases were
beginning to come from the creature. Parts of English that
she had heard while still semi-conscious in her plastic tank.
“Bzzzzzzzzzzkkkkkkk” She had her hands around Dr. Howard’s
throat now.
A slight gurgle came from the doctor as he tried to pry her
hands away. His eyes were darting around for the nurse but
she had long since fled.
“Zzzzzzzkktttzzzzzziiikkzzzzzzlllllzzzzz….” She hissed, more
“No!” Dr. Harrison yelled, grabbing her shoulders and trying
to pull her back.
“No, Violet, NO!” She paused, hearing her own name for the
first time and turned her head to look at Dr. Harrison.
“Zzzzzkkk…Vizzk…Viozzletzzzk…” She attempted to say it,
releasing the gasping man on the floor and standing up.
“Yes,” He nodded to her, hands firmly on her shoulders.
“Your name is Violet…”
She smiled at him, making another gurgle noise, her black
segmented eyes wide.
“Now come with me.” He looked at her sternly and lead her to
the door.
“Vvvvzzz….Viol-et…” She tried again. “Vi-Ssssss!” Whipping
around, eyes narrowed, she lunged forward again at Dr.
Howard, standing behind them with the scalpel in hand, ready
to strike. He stood aside, ready for her and watched her
fall to the floor before turning to the unarmed Harrison.
“You should have left when I told you, Harrison. This was
supposed to be my research project, this is rightfully my
specimen. You can’t take that from me!” He lunged at
Harrison, arm raised. The moment the knife plunged into Dr.
Harrison’s skin, a sharp, blood curdling screech came from
the creature behind them.
“Violet…” Harrison reached out and pushed Howard away,
causing the knife to rip the wound open more. He was
bleeding freely now, blood dripping to the floor as he
slowly made his way to the creature. She moved her antennae
to him, brushing his wound and coating them with blood. She
watched him fall, her eyes still wide and black with curiosity.
When Dr. Harrison no longer moved, she turned to the shocked
and horrified Howard still clutching the scalpel. She looked
from him to Howard and back again, realizing what had happened.
Violet stood, hissing slowly and quietly in anger as she
glared hard at him with narrowed, black, unblinking eyes.
“No…” He groaned out, staring in fear as the creature
advanced on him.
She paused suddenly in mid-step, eyes locked on his.
He turned, dropping the knife and bolted out the door. With
a shriek of animalistic rage,
she crouched and shot forwards, her wings carrying her
swiftly after the doctor.
Down the corridors he ran, knocking down objects to block
the pursuit of the creature behind him. She darted up and
over the obstacles, eyes still locked on her prey.
Someone opened a door a head of him as he rushed passed. Not
looking back, he could here the frantic screams of the man
at the door. Then silence. Nothing but that constant beating
of wings.
Turning the corner he saw a door a head of him. If he could
just make it in time.
Flinging open the door, he rushed inside and locked it,
standing back fearfully as he heard the faint sound of
buzzing coming around the corner. Skittering came from the
walls as Violet crawled over the corridor, scenting where he
had been, her small claws scratching the walls. Dr. Howard
looked around the dimly lit room he was in, a small storage
A gurgle and hiss brought him back to the door. He could see
her shadow passing and pausing by the door. Moving back, he
watched as her antennae felt the crack under the door. His
heart was pounding so loud that he swore she could hear it.
But she passed on, her slow footsteps echoing down the hall.
When he was sure she had gone, he unlocked the door and
looked around the empty hall. Carefully, he stepped outside
and walked quickly down the hall, looking for help.
Before he had a chance to reach the next door, a soft
skittering noise made him turn around, ready for an attack.
Nothing. No sound of wings, no noise.
He walked faster, wanting to find another human, get help.
The scratchy/skittery noise followed him, only stopping when
he stopped to whip around in fear. He was shaking now, fear
consuming him. He turned in all directions, not trusting to
turn his back on anything that might be there.
Sinking to his knees he groaned out in total fear, his eyes
wide and searching.
A gurgle, soft and playfully mocking came from above him. He
snapped his neck back and stared into black, unblinking,
eyes. They smiled at him, showing him his own terrified
A scream, long and hollow. Then silence; the buzzing of
wings fading off into the silence of the hall.