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2007-06-16 06:21:42 (UTC)

Movie Night

Ryan and Amanda came over

and we watched Princess Bride

it was good

we had pizza

and we did crafty stuff

then Amanda left

and we played video games

well we taught Ryan how to play video games


Zero Hour: We did wall climbing it was fun, yet difficult,
but soo much fun

Chemistry: Boring as usual, took a test, texted ryan who
was across the room out of boredom.

Math: Sister didn't bring binder until lunch so i didn't
have a lot of time to work on the cover.

English: It was a rush to compile my OHP. Robin accidently
printed on my paper and then the printer ate one. Sarah
helped me a bit. And Nicole helped a lot. I thank them.
And then my significant memory was left at home. So i
retyped the draft and edited as i typed. Then i was
marking the last thin as the bell rang. I made the early
turn in. 20 points for me! I talked to Mrs. Lee and she
thinks I could get an A in the class. She also asked me
about my sister. And it our fight came up. But I told her
that I thought she was having a lapse in judgment and Mrs.
Lee said that I was probably right and that it showed that
I had morals. So she reaffirmed my belief that I am doing
the right thing.

So yeah no zero hour next week. 4 real days of school
left. So close. So close