Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2007-06-15 01:54:57 (UTC)


Somehow no one understands

Somehow I'm always wrong

Somehow everyone else is always right

Somehow no one sees it like I do

Somehow everything falls apart

and just when I'm giving up

everything gets fixed again

Somehow it all falls apart again

Somehow I never escape

Somehow I've been getting teased

tempting me with the good only to throw me into hell again

giving me that little bit of good

so that i think i can go on

and then hell

I'm starting to think that life isn't worth that little
bit of light

it's all hell

it all eventually comes back to hell

good is too short

hell is long

it's not worth it anymore

and somehow I will leave this hell


if only i knew a way

oh wait... I do