kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2007-06-14 00:36:48 (UTC)

It's me, I just know it is...

So I hate being me sometimes. Once again I'm jealous for no
reason. John and I have these two sets of friends. I liked
having them somewhat separate in our lives. Well, now
they're bonding and will probably end up pushing us out for
a while.

It started a while ago when LA wanted to get his ham license
and decided everyone else should. John and I said why the
fuck would we do that. LA's girl J said okay, I'll do it.

Our other friend said he'd do it to. I'm cool with all of
that. But now they're ganging up on us and saying we should
do it. I personally don't care if John does it (he said he
might), but if he does that can lead to buying a stupid
radio. I call it stupid because he and I know he'll only
use it a few times and it will sit around collecting dust.
He told me that.

LA said John didn't need to buy one he just needs the
license but I know that he'll get on him about that next.
He gets SO into a thing and tries to get the whole world to
join him. Then he moves on to something else after a while
and does the same thing.

So LA & J, and A & his wife are hanging out all the time and
not inviting us. I don't expect them to always invite us
but they had a painting party and didn't ask if we'd like to
help them.

They also have their 4x4s in common and LA and J are
thinking of getting a dog like A has. A and his wife do
have a great dog but they take it everywhere. I find that a
little annoying. Always having the dog in the car. Their
cars smell like dog. And their carpet is horrible because
they have a second dog too.

To top it off LA and J live in an apartment. I don't care
if they take it to the dog park daily etc... I wouldn't have
a dog in an apartment if you paid me. They need way more
space. I've had an indoor dog and I wouldn't do it ever
again. The hair everywhere drove me nuts.

So this all boils down to me being jealous of LA and J
stealing A and his wife away from John and I.

To make me an even crazier person I was just thinking a
couple days ago (before they started not including us) that
I was getting tired of driving all the way to A's house
since it's nearly an hour from here. They're great people
but we drive all the way out there and end up going out to
eat ($$$) after fixing cars. It's not my idea of fun.

I'm mostly frustrated about the radio thing. If LA says one
more thing about how John should get one I think I'll
explode. This is the first time his constant asking us if
we'll do something has pissed me off. I usually find it

Anyway, I figure the four of them will wander off doing
their own thing and forget about us until the next "MUST DO"
thing comes along. I just hope it's something we want to
do. They have been great friends otherwise.