I drink Alone
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2007-06-13 03:48:22 (UTC)

I m sitting here trying not to..

I'm sitting here trying not to feel really depressed.
It just sucks. Lindsey and Jo hang out every day now
without me of course since I'M the drama. Joe is still
friends with all of them. He's over there right now. Of
course being the over jealous person I am I start thinking
maybe he didn't just go cause he wanted to say hi to Scott.
Maybe he wanted to go because we saw Lindsey and Jo
outside. I mean, it's no fucking secret Lindsey hits on
him. I'm not saying anything tho. When all that shit
happened with Frank it just snowballed into hell.
I feel like crying sometimes. I wish happiness was
something that eventually just happened. I want my son, I
hate he can't sleep here every night. I love just being
near him, its so comforting how he runs up and gives me
hugs. How his whole face lights up when he sees me. It's so
good to be loved and needed. It keeps me sane.

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