worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2007-06-10 20:48:49 (UTC)

White clothes

“You are to buy a pair of tight white leggings and a tight
white t-shirt. And I stress – tight. Then make the
following alterations. First, cut out circles on the t-
shirt for your tits to stick out through. Not just your
nipples, but your whole tits. Next, cut out the crotch of
the leggings and circles for each of your ass cheeks.
Then take a brown permanent marker and mark up the
outfit. In large capital letters, write the following:
1) On the back of the shirt write ‘DUMB BITCH’
2) On the front of the shirt, over your stomach,
write ‘FAT COW’
3) On the front of the shirt, above your tit-holes,
write ‘UGLY PIG’
4) On the leggings, just over the crotch-hole,
write ‘SMELLY CUNT’ with an arrow pointing down to your
5) On the back of the leggings, above and below your
ass, write ‘FAT ASS’
6) On the front of the leggings, down one thigh,
write ‘PAINSLUT’
7) On the front of the leggings, down the other
thigh, write ‘PATHETIC WHORE’
Understand, slut?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Wear your pretty new clothes, and only them, around your
house for the rest of the day and evening. You may not
remove them for any reason. If you want to shower, you
must shower in the clothes. Consider them your second
skin. If need to use the bathroom, you may not pull down
the pants, use the holes you cut. Sleep in them. You are
also to wear the leggings and shirt under your suit when
you go to work tomorrow. If you want to wear a bra, wear
it over the white shirt. But beware, if you do, you will
have to pay a penalty for it later. No panties are
allowed. Call me when you get home from work tomorrow.

“Yes Master J.”

I call Master J and Mistress A after my day at work. I
was very aroused all day thinking that no one knew about
my secret slut-outfit under my pristine suit. “Are you
still wearing your pretty new white clothes, slut?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Did you wear a bra today?”

“Yes Master J.”

“You know what that means right?”

“Yes Master J. I must pay a penalty.”

Mistress A tells me my penalty. “Put a clothespin on each

I obey. “Is that all?”

“No you stupid slut! Call us back in exactly 30
minutes.” The phone goes dead. I watch the clock and
call them back in 30 minutes. “Now take a thin rope, and
run it through the two clothespins.” I obey. “Now rip
the clothespins off your nipples.” I hesitate. I know
how much this is going to hurt. “I don’t hear anything
bitch! Do it now or suffer another penalty.”

I take a deep breath and yank the clothespins off. “Oww!
Fuck!” I feel like I just ripped my nipples off rather
than the pins.

“That’s better. But you need to learn to obey us a lot
faster. Put the pins back on and call us back in another
30 minutes.”

Shit. “Yes Mistress A.” Another 30 minutes pass and I
call my tormentors again. I am praying I won’t be forced
to do this to myself again, but I know I will.

“Now you stupid whore, are you ready to prove your

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Then do it, now.” I obey.

“Fuck!!! Owww, it hurts so much.” I am near tears.

“Good. Next time do what I order the first time and maybe
you will spared so much pain.”

“Yes Mistress A.”

Master J gives me my next instructions. “Take off your
new clothes and shower. Do it fast. You will have
exactly 7 minutes to shower and with only cold water. Do
a good job because we want you smelling nice tomorrow.
Don’t forget to shave your legs. When you are done, put
back on your new clothes. We will call you in 7 minutes
to make sure you have obeyed, if you do not answer by the
third ring, you will be punished.” The phone goes dead.

I strip off my clothes and jump into the freezing shower.
I do my best to be quick but shaving my legs takes too
long. I still have soap on my face when I hear the phone
ringing and can’t get to it in time. I know I’m screwed.
I finally finish my shower, get out and dry off. I put
back on my white slut-suit and wait. In about 10 minutes
the phone rings again. “Hello?”

“Too bad slut, we were going to go easy on you the next 24
hours, if only you could follow the simplest
instructions. Instead you will have to suffer more.
Maybe then you will learn to obey us. Are you at least
back in your second skin?”

“Yes Master J.”

“I guess that’s a start. You will sleep in them again
tonight. Before you go to sleep you will reattach the
clothespins to your nipples, kneel on a broom-handle in
front of your coffee table, and write ‘i am a fat, ugly,
worthless painslut’ 200 times. Do it neatly and with no
mistakes or you will be forced to redo it under less
comfortable circumstances. You can have whatever you want
for dinner tonight, as long as you eat it out of a bowl on
the floor like a dog. You may not use the bathroom before
going to bed. Sleep with your ankles tied tightly
together. Call us at exactly 7:30 am tomorrow. Do not
use the bathroom before calling us. Do you understand all
of that, pigslut?”

“Yes Master J.” Click. I put the clothespins back on my
still sore nipples and kneel on the broom-handle to start
writing. My knees immediately start to ache and it’s hard
to write neatly. It takes me well over an hour to
complete my homework assignment and I hope it will meet
with their approval. I’m not very hungry for dinner,
probably because I don’t want to eat like a dog so I pour
some dry cereal in a bowl. I set the bowl on the floor
and kneel down on my sore knees and hands to eat the
cereal like a dog. I try not to drink too much water
because of the lacking bathroom permission. Miserably, I
tie my ankles together, set my alarm, and go to sleep.

I awake just before 7:30 and desperately need to pee. At
exactly 7:30 I call my masters. “Have you followed all
our instructions, slut?”

“Yes Master J.”

“Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“Very much so, Master J.”

“Okay. Put a clothespin on your clit and keep it there
for 10 minutes. You may then remove it and use the
bathroom. Afterwards, you must put the clothespin on your
clit again for another 10 minutes. Call us when the last
10 minutes are up. Do not remove the pin.”

“Yes Master J.” I attach the clothespin and watch the
clock. I squirm for 10 minutes until I can finally
relieve myself. Putting the pin back on my clit for the
next 10 minutes was even more painful than the first 10.
At the end of the session, I call my masters back.

“Feel better?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Do you still have the clothespin on your dirty little

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes Mistress A, I still have the clothespin on my dirty
little clit.”

“Do you want to remove it?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Okay. Take a one pound weight and tie it hanging from
the clothespin on your clit. Walk around, being sure to
swing the weight, for another 10 minutes. Then call us
back and I might let you remove it.”

“Yes Mistress A.” I hang a weight from my clit and my
knees nearly buckle. I can barely walk because every
swing of the weight is agony. I bite my lip to keep from
crying. But I do obey. After 10 agonizing minutes I once
again dial my masters.

“Is the weight still hanging from your dirty little clit?”

“Yes Mistress A, the weight is still hanging from my dirty
little clit. It hurts so bad, may I please remove it?”

“Well, I suppose you’ve obeyed well enough this morning.
Go ahead and remove the weight and clothespin.”

“Thank you Mistress A.” I remove my implements of torture
and yell in pain as the blood rushes back to my tender
clit. I can hear Mistress A moaning in pleasure at the
sound of my pain.

Next Master J gets on the phone. “You are to be at our
house at 9 am sharp. Put your nice pristine suit on over
your slut-suit and make sure your face and hair and done
perfectly. Wear high heels and no bra or panties. Don’t
be late.” He hangs up the phone. I have never been
ordered over their house dressed for work before. Usually
I am barely allowed to wear one full outfit let alone
two. But I do not question the orders, I get dressed, do
my hair and makeup, and drive on over.

I arrive at their house on time. When I enter I am
ordered onto my hands and knees. I am directed to crawl
into the bathroom. I obey. I am not used to crawling in
business suit. It somehow makes me feel even more debased
than usual. I guess that was idea.

“Now then slut, since you are dressed for work, time to do
some work for us. You will use this toothbrush to scrub
the entire bathroom until it sparkles. And I mean the
entire bathroom – floor, toilet, sink, tub, tiled walls,
everything. Now get to work.” With that, Master J hands
me the toothbrush and a bucket and cleanser and they both
walk out of the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

I start cleaning the bathroom as ordered, but it is
tedious work and I soon grow tired. This isn’t what I had
in mind when I made this arrangement with them. It wasn’t
fun and had nothing to do with BDSM. I was just a maid in
a suit and I was very unhappy. After about half an hour
of this I decided I had enough. I got up and walked out
of the bathroom, job unfinished.

“Guys look, this isn’t fun. I didn’t come over here to
clean your freaking bathroom. This isn’t playing and it
isn’t what we agreed to. I’m not going to be your maid!”
Big mistake.

“Would you rather be spanked?” Asked Master J innocently.

“Actually yeah, that’s more of what I had in mind.”

“Okay. Drop your pants and come bend over this chair.” I
drop my suit pants, but not the white leggings and bend
over the back of the chair. Mistress A comes over and
ties my arms to the arms of the chair and my legs to its
legs. Then Master J approaches with the wooden paddle,
and he is not smiling. Without a word, he starts paddling
my ass, hard! After a few swats the pain is already close
to unbearable. At about 20 I am crying freely. I
struggle but can’t free myself from my binds. Finally,

“Okay bitch, here’s the deal. You can use your safeword
at any time. But until you do, you will do as you are
told. You are a fucking painslut and our submissive.
That means you do what you are fucking told whether it be
to piss yourself, torture your fat tits, clean the
bathroom, or act as my fucking footrest. This is exactly
what you signed on for and I
don’t give a shit if you enjoy it or not. Now you’ve had
your fat ass warmed up by the paddle. Next you’re going
to get the cane. And it’s not going to stop until you
either use your safeword, or beg to go back to the
bathroom and finishing cleaning it as directed. Your

With that he started whipping my ass fiercely with the
bamboo cane. Already sore from the paddling, the cane
hurt more than words can express. But he was right, and
this is what I wanted, to be humiliated and used and
debased. I asked them to let me finish cleaning the

“No bitch, I said beg.” The lashes kept coming.

“Please Master J. Please Mistress A. I’m sorry for
disobeying you. I am a worthless painslut who deserves no
mercy! Please let me return to the bathroom and honor you
by scrubbing it until it shines! I am so sorry for my
misbehavior! Please let this worthless painslut crawl
before you and scrub your floor and toilet.” I was crying
and the pain was like fire ripping through my ass.
Finally they were appeased and the punishment stopped.
Mistress A untied me. I pulled back up my pants, fell to
my knees and crawled into the bathroom. I didn’t wipe
away my tears.

I lost track of time but I think I spent another one or
two hours cleaning the bathroom with the toothbrush. When
I finished, I meekly crawled out of the bathroom to where
they were. “Are you done, cunt?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Is the bathroom sparkling?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

I was directed to crawl back to the bathroom, but this
time they followed. Master J asked if I remembered to
scrub the inside of the toilet. “Yes Master J.”

“Prove it.” He took a cup and scooped water out of the
toilet and handed it to me. The toilet was clean but the
thought still disgusted me. Nevertheless, I meekly drank
the toilet water down. My masters seemed satisfied.
Still unhappy with my earlier outburst, I spent the next
hour, still in my business suit, on my hands and knees
serving as their footrest. Being dressed professionally
caused me more humiliation than I normally feel on my
hands and knees in front of them. I’m not sure why. I
loved it and hated it at the same time. I was humiliated,
but very aroused.

“Enough rest time bitch. On your feet and take that suit
off. Let’s see your pretty white clothes.” I obey and
stand before them in my cut up, drawn on, tight white

“Now where is that homework assignment we gave you last
night?” I hand over the 200 written lines. “Your
handwriting is atrocious. Looks like you’ve got another
lesson to turn. Hold out your hands, palms up.” Mistress
A walks over to me holding a small wooden paddle. She
starts smacking my palms hard, alternating one then the
other. It hurts but I try to hold my hands still. After
10 swats to each palm she stops. “Better learn to write
neater, slut.”

“Yes Mistress A.”

To be continued…