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2007-06-10 20:37:43 (UTC)

Day at the Beach

I arrived at Master J and Mistress A’s house wearing a
tight pair of jeans, itchy wool sweater, high heels, and
nothing else. When they answered the door, they did not
invite me in. Instead they directed me to the back seat
of Master J’s car. My hands were cuffed in front of me
and I was directed to ride in the middle of the back seat
with my legs spread and feet touching the opposite doors.

Master J drove and Mistress A rode shotgun. Before we
left, Mistress A tied a rope around the middle chain of my
handcuffs and she held onto the other end of the rope.
What happened next was very surprising, she handed me a
vibrator! I was instructed to turn it on high and hold it
against the crotch of my jeans and start masturbating.
They didn’t get any argument from me. I started the
vibrator, and Master J started to drive.

After a few minutes, a small moan escaped my lips.
Mistress A asked if I was getting close to cumming. I
said yes. She ordered me to stop and turn the vibrator
off. I reluctantly obeyed. She then ordered me to repeat
the phrase “I’m a fucking whore” over and over again. I

After another few minutes I was permitted to turn the
vibrator on again and start masturbating again. I had to
keep reciting my mantra. When Mistress A heard my
breathing getting heavy, she ordered me to stop. I
ignored her. She yanked the rope pulling my hands away
and frustrating my efforts. “Dumb bitch! You do as you
are ordered or we will pull this car over right now and
give you a paddling you will never forget right here on
the side of the road and I don’t care who sees!”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“Now lift that sweater up and let’s see those fat tits of
yours.” Oh shit. I really didn’t want to risk someone
seeing me completely exposing my boobs like that. “Do it
or wear the nipple clamps for the rest of drive.” I
obeyed and lifted my sweater up to neck. “You like
showing off your fat tits, don’t you slut?”

“No Mistress A.”

“No? You’re wet, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“You’re so wet your smelly cunt juices are seeping through
your jeans, aren’t they?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

“That’s right, you’ll spend the rest of the night smelling
like a disgusting cunt. You like that don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress A.”

The rest of the ride continued pretty much the same. I
was allowed to masturbate repeatedly, but never to
climax. Leaving me sopping wet and frustrated when we
arrived at our destination – the beach! “I can tell from
your squirming around that you want to orgasm for us
badly. Maybe if you very obedient the rest of the day and
night, we just might let you cum for us on the ride home.”

I was uncuffed and allowed to pull my sweater down. I was
then marched out onto the beach, which, being February,
was deserted. It was only 4pm so it was still light out.
So I wasn’t expecting Master J’s next order, “Strip,

I looked around and didn’t see anyone, but still I
hesitated. I didn’t realize the paddle Mistress A was
holding until I felt it land across my ass, hard. “If you
don’t want to strip, then bend over and touch your toes!
Let us know when you are ready to be a good little slut.”

I was bent over and Mistress A started paddling me right
there on the beach. My jeans were no protection from the
big wooden paddle and I was soon assuring them I would do
anything they said. After a total of about 10 strokes,
Mistress A ceased and I was allowed to strip. “Now go get
wet, bitch. In the ocean, completely wet, head to toe.
Then crawl back to us on your hands and knees.”

My ass was still throbbing so I dared not disobey. I
walked the 50 feet or so to the cold ocean and dunked
myself under the waves. I then crawled back, soaking wet
to my Masters. I was freezing and quite sandy when I
returned. “Now lay flat and roll around in the sand.” I
obeyed. Apparently the goal was to see how much sand one
human body could hold. I was forced to spread my ass
cheeks while Master J shoved a handful of sand in my
crack, then the same was done to my cunt. Mistress A made
sure I had sand under my tits and, well, on every other
inch of exposed skin on my body. “Now put back on your

“But I’m covered in sand, can’t I please rinse off first
Master J?”

“You want to go back in the ocean? Sure. Go ahead.” I
walked back down to the ocean and rinsed off. Then I
walked back to Master J and Mistress A. “Now get sandy
again you cunt! And stop questioning our orders!” I
again had to roll around the in the sand and have sand
shoved in my ass crack, in my pussy, and everywhere else.
I then had to put my tight jeans and sweater on over my
sand-covered body. As if sand in your ass and cunt isn’t
uncomfortable enough, the tight jeans made it a hundred
times worse. I didn’t even want to walk a step. But
before I had to, I was again ordered to touch my toes.

Mistress A only gave me 3 hard swats this time. “How does
that feel?”

“It feels like I’m getting spanked with a paddle covered
in rough sandpaper.”

“Then I suggest you obey us better the rest of the night,
or your ass will be sanded raw before the night is over.”

“Yes Mistress A.”

I was allowed to rinse my face off, but only my face. I
had to put back on my high heels, sandy feet and all. As
we walked up to the street, I felt like it must be obvious
to everyone around that I was still covered in sand.
Although truth be told, my clothes did a good job of
hiding my extreme discomfort. Mistress A picked a
restaurant for us to dine at. But before we went in,
Master J took a piece of rope and tied my right wrist to
one of the belt loops on the back of my jeans, leaving me
to dine with my less dominant left hand.

As it turns out, eating with my left hand would be the
least of my troubles. I was not allowed to order any
food. Master J and Mistress A ordered large meals and
began to eat while I was ordered to sit across from them
with nothing but an empty placemat and glass of water in
front of me. I was ordered to keep my one available palm
flat on the table in front of me. I was ordered to keep
my mouth slightly open at all times. And I was ordered to
ask for permission each time I wanted a sip of water.

I sat there and watched them dine, feeling very awkward.
I was hungry and thirsty. “May I please have a sit of

“Who are you speaking to?” asked Mistress A.

“Um, either of you.”

“Really? I didn’t hear you direct your question to either
of us properly. You will be punished for that later.
Now, if you want water, you better ask the right way.”

I looked around the crowded restaurant and hoped no one
would hear me. “May I please have a sit of water,
Mistress A?”

“That’s better. Go ahead.”

Eventually, Master J took a scrap of food from his plate
and set it on the table in front of me. After a minute of
sitting with the food in front of me, I was allowed to ask
permission to eat it. “You may place the food in your
mouth using your fork. Chew it, but then hold it in your
mouth, do not swallow until we give you permission.”

So I sat there with this chewed up morsel of food in my
mouth until finally given permission to swallow. And this
is how the night progressed. Begging to drink and eat
their scraps of food. Occasionally, they would find
additional ways of humiliating me. They would make me eat
the food off the table with my mouth instead of the fork,
have me hold it on my tongue with my mouth open for
several minutes until given permission to eat it, and make
me open my mouth and say “ah” to prove I finished eat
bite. I was thrilled when dinner was over.

Before the drive home I was bent over the trunk of the car
and paddled for my earlier transgression. After every
swat I had to shout “thank you Mistress A.” I’m sure
several passer-bys heard me. During the ride home I was
again given the vibrator. After just a minute I realized
it was hellish using it over my jeans with the sand still
digging into my pussy. I stopped but was immediately
ordered to keep it firmly pushed to my crotch and set on
high for the entire ride home. My cunt was raw and it
hurt too much to even orgasm. I was crying by the time
the ride was over.

I was allowed to drive myself home and given instructions
for bedtime. I was not allowed to remove my sweater or
jeans. I had to sleep in them and still covered in sand.
I was not allowed to eat anything, despite my lasting
hunger. I was also not allowed to pull down my jeans to
piss or wipe myself. I was told if I had to piss before
bed, I had to do it in my jeans. I was granted permission
to sleep in the bathtub if I wanted. Master J and
Mistress A are so kind.