Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2007-06-04 03:25:49 (UTC)

Changing Faster Than the Weather

It was like 80 degrees this morning. Right now it's
thundering and pouring down rain like there is no
tomorrow. How quickly things change.


The rain is beautiful.
The wet grass squishes
Under your bare feet,
Cascading down and around you.

The thunder sounds in the background,
Like the footsteps of a monster.
Lightning is lost in the clouds,
Too beautiful for our eyes.

Smells fills your nostrils.
Sounds fill your ears.
Pitter pattering on your skin.
Sliding down your arms and legs.

My soul escapes me,
Dancing around the lawn
Carelessly enjoying it
With the enthusiasm of a child.

But here I remain,
A coward on the computer
Counting the seconds
From lightning to thunder.

The storm passes,
The fun ends,
And I recede into myself.
My soul dances away with the storm
Leaving my husk of a body behind.

With my brain and pain.
To its troubles and sorrows,
Taking my fun, my joy, and my sanity
Into safe keeping.

The thunder still echoes.
Lightning still flashes.
My body longs to be reunited
With my free soul.

The last flash appeared to be so close.
The thunder bears down upon my house.
I smile with glee,
Longing for the next strike to hit me.

All is silent.
Nature is still.(Even the parakeets)
But the sounds in the house continue,
For they never stopped.

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