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2007-05-31 04:48:13 (UTC)


Damn I should keep up with this diary more often....now
that I still don't have a job or a life! Fuck man. I don't
know what drove me to get into this diary again, I just
completely forgot about me having one. Hmm. And its weird
cause after all these years....I still remember the
password. I've never ever asked help for my password. I've
had this diary since 02'....five years now.
Whoa....anyways....SPURS WON! The fuckin' Spurs won. Yup.
Im not a fan, I've never been. I mean I don't hate them.
I've just never been a basketball fan. Damn, everybody is
honking their horns. Here in SA, we gots alot of respect
for the Spurs. People here worship them like if they're
gods or something. Every game day, I see a shit load of
people wear their Spurs gear. Ugh, but anyways....my life
is pretty much the same the last time I wrote. No fuckin'
life. Well....yeah I do have a life cause Im still married
to Laura. I hope shes not reading this, lol. Im starting
out my own business! Yup, my very own cap business. Im
starting out slowly even though my parents have been in
the biz for about 5 & a half years. Im separating myself
from them and trying to start out on my own. I have a
little site going on and Im promoting and advertising at
the clubs and bars. Ugh, lets see....uh yeah I want to go
to the Navy. I've been wanting to go since my Senior year
of H.S. Laura doesn't want me to go. We'll see. Well Im
going to go for now cause Im fixing my site, to make it
look better. Talks to you later diary! -Jackie

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