taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2007-05-31 04:25:58 (UTC)

Another failed time trial

What a week. Right now I just want to scream and piss and
moan and call and beg and cry and reason and justify and
qualify and rectify and plead and threaten and force and
insult and travel and return and reverse and right.

All this has done is grant me a perspective I could've
done without. I feel slighted in the worst way. Nay, I WAS
slighted in the worst way. And I wasen't even the one to
express intial interest. I was going along my merry way
until I was hailed and taken off course and swayed. And
then I got tossed aside at the prospect of problems
manifested by "problematic" vices that I was largely
unaware to be of such great detrament.

Like a newborn kitty tossed into a wall until paralyzed..

This is the only outlet that satifies me..

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