robot talk. bleepity bloop.
2007-05-31 02:46:59 (UTC)

bug bites

because you'll bring it to my attention if i spell the name of the bug wrong
and i was thinking of spelling it wrong on purpose...
because it would be nice to lift the silence for a while
even if its no the right thing to do
like smoking cigarettes

in second grade, i lost the spelling bee to Sydney Hall on the word "autumn". I
came in third
in third i lost it to lindsey rhau on the word broccolli. I came in second.
and in fourth grade they cancelled the bee altogether
the same year they banned us from wearing Bart Simpson tee shirts

i was not a good runner in the days when running fast in gym was your ticket
to the cool lunch table. (that or having your dad die, apparently)
in fact, i usually came in last just a step after that kid Rick who always wore
white sneakers

And if i were to go back there I'd probably keep things perfectly the same. I'd
draw too many pictures of the same thing until I got it right, I'd still think the
super bowl was a giant bowling tournament, and i'd still bury things behind
the house in hopes that the next kid that lived there would find it and
treasure it forever

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