Kalamity K

The Daily Chaos of Kalamity K
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2007-05-28 02:15:25 (UTC)

Soon to bed

It's been a long day, I guess. I worked from eight thirty
to one, with some breaks in there. At least I'm getting
paid for it. I even tried to do up my overtime request -
so here's hoping I actually put it in and then start to
see some money out of it all. Sigh.

Then, we had a bunch of stupid fights with each other
today. And then everything is okay again. Whatever
whatever whatever. I'm exhausted. Tired. Upset.
Frustrated. Confused. Angry.

There's pretty much nothing I'm not worried about right
now. Work. Career. Life. Relationship. Family.
Friends. Mental stability. Emotional stability.
Career. Life. Relationship. I could go on.

I'm getting up at quarter to six, so I'm going to bed
soon. Work sucks and I hate that I keep on going in early
and trying when no one else cares. I hate it. I hate
it. I hate it. I hate them all, almost, but that's
another story. Dumb, dumb, dumb, all of them.

I had something else to say but ... oh I remembered. What
I want to say is that I want to write about some more
things, some things about my boyfriend and his work
situation, but I really don't want to even write anything
down until I have a more concrete and real idea of what is
going on.

Until then...


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