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2007-05-27 21:36:30 (UTC)

I'm such an idiot

ok so I was getting on the computer and the first thing I
do is check everything and turn on my music. So I hit play
and then got wrapped up in reading something on quizilla.
And then when I finish it and start dancing to the tv
music. I go wait where's my music? I look down at it and
it's playing but there's no sound. See when my computer
starts up it jumps to the nearest volume level from where
it was last put.

level 1 level 2 level 3

so it gets left at like

| --there

meaning it will jump down.

So it jumped down to nothing, cuz i had it on really quiet
last night.

And I'm like I'm such an idiot that I didn't turn on the
volume and missed a bunch of songs.

*smacks forhead* hahahaha I love myself.

Thought of Last Night:

*sigh* it was odd and then funny and then weird and then
sweet. lol I love my little baby turtle lol. But I really
would've like to see you blushing all to hell dammit. lol

anyways good times

I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.

But that could just be because I'm listening to Backstreet
Boys - As Long As You Love Me


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