Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
2007-05-27 19:14:53 (UTC)

Been busy

Well, i've been soo busy i have no time to think!!! I
always catch myself doing something. My phones been ringing
off the hook!!! Its nice to be going out and doing stuff. I
was out till 1am last night and i didn't even realize the
time!!! Me and a friend His name is JT went and rented some
movies and watched them it was nice..I had a good time. I
can talk to him soo easy its nice to have someone who
listens. Me and Jt, Amanda, Jp, Chels and Macabee are
sapposed to go to the drive in tonight, that'll be fun. I
told everyone today though that till 4 i'm busy lmao. Cause
i had to find some time to clean my room and change Kadens
crib bedding! FINNALLY i got that done..I've been putting
that off for weeks lmao. I start my CNA classes on the 12th
which will be really cool. I gotta go up to CCRC though to
see if i can get them to pay for my babysitting while i'm
at class. The classes are from 8am-3pm which kinda sucks
cause its like all day. But, whatever it'll be worth it
once i get my CNA which will be soo cool and make it soo
much easier to get a job!!! They end July 19th which ROCKS
cause my birthday is the 28th!!! 18 FINNALLY!!! My mom and
me have been not on the same level we'll say. I can't stand
her anymore...I'm trying soo hard to find my own
place..It'll be sad though cause once i do I won't be able
to write as much cause i won't have internet. Ahh well, We
all must move on eventually. I've just been really busy so
i havn't wrote in awhile. I did acctually talk to Matt one
other time after the last entry about him...It went ok...I
told him that i was completly done and i'm not getting back
together with him...Which in reality he's dating Jessica
anyway so i don't know why he was coming at me again...Who
knows why he does the shit he does. Now that i've been
going places and doing shit on a constant basis its hard to
find time to even think about him. He i guess called and no
one ever picked up so he acctually came down and thats the
last time i talked to Matt... I've just been busy!!!

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