Kalamity K

The Daily Chaos of Kalamity K
2007-05-27 15:05:26 (UTC)


Why is it that I feel so bad and so sad about my boyfriend
right now?


And I'm working my ass off at my desk here at work, on a
Sunday, and you know no one will care. Maybe I'll just get
told by my boss tomorrow that I shouldn't have sent her all
those e-mails because it's for other counsel to deal with,
not her. She'll make some comment about the weekend and
I'll want to snarl and I'll be my usual, tongue-tied,
stupid-ass, hateful, vile self, then I'll lose all respect
for myself, yet again, when I leave with a semi-cheerful
smile and a "thank you". MY GOD I DISGUST MYSELF.

When my boyfriend said last night I was disgusting, when we
were fighting?

He was right.


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