My Gay Misadventures
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2007-05-25 21:27:35 (UTC)

Dance of the damned.

So maybe life isnt as peachy as id thought wingin it would
turn out. but what can i say.

I designed this diary so that only complete strangers could
read my logs, and give me the impression im letting stuff
off my chest i couldnt let people i know, know.

So its 4:35pm on a friday. Im supposed to be at work right
now. but here i am. not.

I really dont know what the fuck my fuckin problem is. I
really dont like being a server assistant. But working at
the TOWER OF THE AMERICAS def. has its job history perks.I
onyl work 3 days outta the week. I used to pull at least
15hrs overtime when we first opened. was bring home like a
grand every 2 weeks...god knows where that money went now...

On top of my personal drama of not being able to motivate
my ass to pay some bills, Im as usual, stuck in a manfest
of manlove.

and i mean love as in lovely dovey shit love. I got Roy
still on my nuts, Mat's still stranglin around like a lost
puppy. and a few other older men who want my goods for them
and only them..

I am sorta datein this guy right now. Chip. - Chip is a
36yo white boy from californa whom im just enchanted with.
Pothead, grease monkey, baker man, self employed. and the
list goes on.

I got this killer knot in my neck. and harsh throat from
smokin too much, and I gatta go number 2. Peace.