Nick's Journal
2007-05-25 19:06:24 (UTC)

Family Vacation

well after 2 weeks of final exams and a total of maybe 4-5
hours of sleep a night i finally crashed. my body just shut
down on me and conveniently this happened at the same time
that we were going back to austria to visit relatives.
there's nothing more pleasant than being on a plane when
you're sick.
well i was so happy to be going back to austria. i hadn't
been in 3 years and it's just weird in a way. i mean nobody
but my immediate family is in the u.s.a. so i have about 90%
of my relatives 4,000 miles away from me for the better part
of my life.
this really just hit me this time around. my great-uncle
got married two years ago. for the first 23 years of my
life this guy lived with his mother taking care of her until
she died at the age of 93. he is approximately 60 (i
believe) and he just got married to a russian girl (save the
mail-order bride jokes) two years ago conspicuously the same
time that his son was born.
so what that long-winded portion is supposed to say is that
i actually have a cousin (once removed) whom i've never met!
well he was really cool and everything, but then i realized
something else. there were exactly three other cousins that
existed (of the ages, 18, 23, 29) which i had never met in
my life either!
well i met them this time around and i can safely say that i
now have met everyone with whom i am related to (and hasn't
been ostracized from the family circle).
the trip was absolutely excellent. i gorged myself on the
great food i have been deprived of for so long. sausages
with cheese, semmel, and of course the fine tortes. mmmmm.
juliann came with an i think she had a great time too. she
got to witness the surly austrian waiters in person. to
imagine an austrian waiter, take an applebee's waiter and
then take the complete opposite. they have the great
waiter's paradox in austria.
when it's too busy they're pissed cos they're overworked.
when it's too slow they're pissed cos they don't have enough
well oh well. nevertheless we got food and it was great.
we also went to prague which is definitely one of my
favorite cities of all time. juliann damn near killed my
hand squeezing it in frantic fright as my dad plowed through
the autobahn. i swear to god i thought we were going to die
ten times over.
luckily however we did not and i am now here and i am once
again doing law work. yep that's right. i'm doing the
write-on competition for our law review (thrilling i know).
other than that i had the great misfortune of getting into
an accident with juliann's aunt's car.
i swear i have such horrible luck with other people's cars.
well i guess thsi one was nothing with luck, i was just a
fucking idiot. there i was on the off ramp with a yield
sign and no merge lane gettng off the highway. in front of
me was a green pickup truck with tinted windows. well i was
looking behind me and i thought i saw the green truck pull
out in front of me.
wrong i was.
i plowed full into him (luckily i was still so it wasn't a
total fuck up). so anyhow. i was sitting there in the
driver's seat with my head in my hands in utter disbelief at
my sheer stupidity.
i was killing myself ten times over when i looked up and saw
the most unbelievable thing happen. the guy that i hit all
of a sudden floored it!
he just took off like a bat out of hell down the road! i
was so shocked i didn't get the license plate or anything.
i was expecting a complete ass-kicking and at the very least
a huge bill since this was totally my fault. then i was
like, "alright i should go catch up to him."
well first off that was almost physically impossible unless
i wanted to risk another crash as he was just booking it,
and then i started to wonder something.
if someone takes off from such an accident in which it is
TOTALLY the other person's fault...what is that dude
covering up? i'm assuming it must have been a stolen car.
that's the only logical explanation.
even if he had drugs i would imagine he would wait for the
cops. b ut then again if he was high and had drugs he could
have just freaked out. and maybe he did just have drugs and
was freaking out.
talk about good luck in the face of sheer stupidity.