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2007-05-25 19:06:13 (UTC)


Do you ever get to a point where you are just tired of
dealing with everything? I am sick right now. I can't handle
It is horrible to hear from Jonny, in his two years of
absence. Every time i get a letter it just makes it painful
all over again. I feel like i lie to him about how I really
am doing. I really am just fine, everytime I hear from him
it makes it painful. I am not attached to him, I am not let
go. I am stuck in a state of limbo, and there is nothing
that can be done about any of it.
I have three really big english projects due, and I think i
am going to fail my exams. My life is slipping by my fingers
so quickly, i don't have time to catch up with it. I don't
know how I will get it all done, especially now that I am sick.
Joshua seems to take interest in my life. it seems that I
need a best friend, it seems I am a little dependent. The
hard part is the fact that he doesn't know any of the rules,
and I don't want to teach. He is a great guy, I really like
him, however, It is a little difficult to try to teach
someone again. Anyway, better go...
It just seems like no one is there sometimes. No one has a
vacancy in their life at the moment. My friends are good
where they are, they don't need another best friend.
It isn't important. I shall just have to through myself into
my work.

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