taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-05-25 02:11:07 (UTC)

May has never been, nor ever will be, kind to the likes of me.

By my count it is three. Maybe four, I can't remember that
far back. 2007? There were only 7 more mother fuckin' days
left in this FUCKING month!

I was finally dumped, and I mean finally in the "overall"
sense. It stings. I actually cried.. and I fear I might
again. All hope is not lost yet, who am I kidding? I told
Terra to expect a last-ditch effort of a phone call
tomorrow. What is the success rate of those fuckers?
..we probably didn't have enough in common anyways. But I
like her a lot. May.. fuck!

At least I can swear guilt-free again.

What-the-fuck Ever.