Goodnight, Starlight.

2007-05-23 13:34:29 (UTC)

may 23rd

it hasn't even been a month and im posting in this again.
maybe it will become a habit. who knows?

last night was a really good night. my parents and i were
talking on the way home from getting my father about getting
me laptop. i can't really say they were too keen on the
idea, but i made a good point. when my sister graduated
grade 12, my grandmother got her one. but my grandmother
isnt alive anymore so i thought it necessary for them to get
me one for grade 12. they told me they'd consider it if my
dad couldnt fix my broken comp. so i was okay with that.

later that night my parents went out, and while they were
gone i was just looking at laptops on future shops website
and i had one picked out and everything. next thing i knew,
they were home, calling on me to come downstairs so i did.
and there it is. the exact same laptop i wanted sitting on
my dining room table. i was stoked. so im on that now.
trying to get my settings sorted.

been talking to paul the last while and he and claire broke
up. this is good in a sense because it wont cause shit when
i go down in june. it just saves from a lot of jealousy and
awkward times. hes been telling me he misses me a lot and i
dont know exactly where hes getting at. he says hes def.
coming down in the summer time to see me because he 'has
to'. im trying to get him to make it for mid july,
preferably the 16th cause thats my flight. so we could fly

i really want things to work out because he honestly means
the world to me and i love him to death. i dont want to say
anything like that to him though because i dont want to give
him the wrong impression, or make him think that hes given
me the wrong impression. cause maybe he doesnt feel about me
the way i think (hope) he does. i'll just see what happens,
its been a year exactly since i was in england, or since ive
seen any of them and that kills. one more month and im gone
for 3 weeks. im stoked.

im on frees right now, one of those lame days when i had
chem, then the rest of the morning off. so i came home
intending on watching 24 but i gave up. felt like typing
something stead of just sitting here.

i'll go restart it now i think, or look around my lapity
top. ill weite back in a few weeks when i gather more shite.