Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2007-05-22 21:55:45 (UTC)

I got a plan

Well, I am starting these Cna classes that last 5 weeks and
there free except you gotta give them 40 for the book and
at the end of the class you get your 40 back. Its a good
opportunity cause they give you a job after you finish the
class and they will work their work schedual around your RN
classes at Northern! Its a great opportunity I'm excited!!!
Then i think i might have acctually got a job!!! I went to
an interview yesterday and it went really good and he told
me he would deff call me!! Its a catering job that pays
8/hour which is really cool! But, its part time. Then if i
get this income i can call HUD and have them base my income
and finnally get an apartment!!! I hope i can get a 2
bedroom in Weirton cause my college is in Weirton and that
job is in Weirton!!! I'm finnally happy that I got a plan!

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