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2007-05-22 04:02:19 (UTC)

Totally Random

Upfront - this has nothing to do with me personally...

But something I don't get and never have understood and
never will understood. When a guy finds out his
girlfriend is "unexpectedly" pregnant...I've never ever
understood that angry, upset, enraged, how-could-this-
happen reaction. No method of birth control is foolproof -
and it's not uncommon to not use the stuff, any kind of
the stuff, entirely correctly. That is, assuming it's
being used at all.

When this happens...all I want to say is...

Weren't you there?


Where do you get off thinking it's any worse for you than
the girl you're with?

That's all. I'm not going to say anything more.
Just...wanted to write this one little bit.