Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2007-05-20 19:12:23 (UTC)

Spring 2007

That ebay business was NOT a good idea. It was too
complicated, and it didn't seem legit. Anyways, for the
third and most likely final time, I'm working at Lite Touch
again. I've been working very hard this time for about 4
months now. I'm trying to make it to at least 6. Anyways,
Nate a good friend of my brother moved in with me a couple
months ago. I've not known him too long, but it turns out
he's a really great guy.
Ironically Roberts step-dad was shipped over to Germany
so his family left with him. Robert being the nice guy he is
stayed behind with his friends (us). His family will be gon
for just a couple years or so. Anyways he moved in with me
also. As for JC, he got his job back at the car wash and
ended up living with me also. Can you believe that? Whats
more than that we ALL have a job working at the same place!
Its good times we have right now, the money ain't too bad
for now. I recently got a pay raise and promotion there so
I'm sort of a manager of sorts. More than that though, I'm
buying myself a motorcycle thats good on gas and all. It's a
good step up for myself since the prices are so high.
Alright well I'm tired of typing so later.