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2007-05-18 07:13:04 (UTC)

Eng typing practice 1

The Dioceses, Missionary Dioceses and Missionary Areas
shall follow the policies of the Province. CANON 21(6)

Several registered members of the Diocese shall be
appointed by the Bishop to form a Mission Church council.
Members of the Mission Church council are to be appointed
once every year, or be elected from among registered
members of the Church on the approval of the Diocesan
Bishop. 27(1.1)

The priest-in-charge appointed by the Diocesan Bishop
shall be chairman of the Mission Church council. Under
extraordinary circumstances, the Diocesan Bishop may
appoint a member of the Mission Church council to be
acting chairman. From among remaining members, one shall
be elected to be secretary and the other one to be
treasurer. 27(1.2)

咁就用左28mins......Good try!
Keep it on!!

The Mission Church council shall meet at least four times
a year. 27(1.3)

Quorum for meetings of the Mission Church council shall be
one-third of the total number of council members. 27(1.4)

Should the Mission Church council and the chairman of the
council show diversity in opinions over a certain issue,
the issue shall be presented to the Dioceson Bishop for
decision. 27(1.3)

On Evangelical Aspect:
to assist in missonary work in the Mission Church members;