mango princess

Through my eyes....
2001-03-05 07:34:40 (UTC)

It s almost two o clock in the..

It's almost two o'clock in the morning. I am dead tired
and I have to get up kind of early to get to work. I only
get like seven hours of sleep and compared to the normal
nine or ten hours, that kind of sucks. Anyway, I am
writing tonight cause I am scared, and I know this is dumb,
about Randi and Mike. (Urso, that is.) I just have this
feeling that he likes her or he's going to like her, and
that would really suck. Of course the reason for this is
because he bought her teddy grahams yesterday...I'm such an
idiot. I thought that too when he bought her ticket for
the Bosstones' concert. But then again, the ticket evened
out with her driving and paying for parking to the
concert. And he did buy his friends from school crepes
when he came here to visit. Ok, so there's no need to even
think anything except that he's a really nice guy who likes
to buy stuff for his friends. And that's a really good
thing. He's a very generous guy. Alright, I'm definitely
an idiot for being dumb. Ok, so forget the whole Randi and
Mike thing. I always think that everybody likes Randi and
that just makes me jealous...I need to get over that shit.
Plus he's definitely not mine...YET! :) Hopefully I can
figure out a plan of action for that one. Hrm, maybe just
talking to him and getting my ass down to URI for a weekend
or something like that. Yeah, good plan.

I had so much fun with my boys this weekend. It's actually
unbelievable. Tom stayed with me on Saturday night...we
slept in mom and dad's bed. It was actually kind of funny.
well technically yesterday, we went to Dunkin Donuts with
Jeff and Jay. Afterwards we went to ocean state job lot.
Big shoes have a whole new meaning, selling gap and old
navy jeans there is just wrong! And that cute boy Jeff,
what the hell is he doing there? Tom~ CVS is right over
there, I think you made a mistake. me~ even the auto shop
store would've been an improvement...Hollywood video...
however, HV=ugly vests. Anyway, overall it was a good
weekend with them, no fights, no bitchiness, no jealous
fits...It was absolutely wonderful. Days like those with
them make me happy about our friendships and makes me feel
that they will be endless...
Note to self: Look further into road trip with Jay and
willing participants to Destination: California with Gay

Well, I think it's time to get to bed. But to end on a fun
note, picture Joe trying to run Bev over with his truck!
More about that tomorrow :) Goodnight