Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2007-05-07 04:19:47 (UTC)

My latest quarterly report...

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know I am doing
ok, though sleep has been elusive to me lately. Except last
night, but I owe that to the goldschlager I think. (only 3
shots, I didn't get drunk or anything, I PROMISE). So I
graduate this wednesday with my AA, and I want to dedicate
this day to my parents because I need them to understand its
importance to me, to my love and sister Chana and Cindy for
being my CONSTANT inspirations, to Eva for being my
backbone, and to Jason for being the heart behind all this.

To Buddy, Kelli and JeJe and ALL MY SUMTER FAMILY: Without
you all, I don't know if I could have handled it this long
here alone. You've given me my moments of sanity and a
respite from despair when I have really needed it. I would
be a crying, huddled wreck without you and your love.

To Ron and Ben and Eva, Shannon and Brady: To leave such
wonderful love and friendship behind to come here for my
education was hard, but reaffirmed to me that it was truly
important. I miss you deeply, and swear I'll see you again

To Karolyn for being the reason I strive each day to get the
best scores possible so someday I can come back to
California to finish my Masters or Doctorate at a UC and see
her again, even if I don't know where to spend my life anymore.

James, Ahim, Kira, Mandy, Avery, Apryl, Trev, Candy, Anne,
Nick, Sean, Heather, MommaPat and Christopher, Nancy and
John, Jill, and Kathy: You are my friends and my family. No
matter how often we speak or write each other directly, it
is the memories I carry of us that keeps me from giving up
completely sometimes. You have all made differences in my
life, and without you in my heart and head I am diminished.
Remember that always.


Spiderman 3 review

All Right, did anybody REALLY expect them to be able to pack
the appearance of 3 MAJOR villians into a movie and NOT have
it feel rushed? I went in expecting too much and I got it.
Having said that...

Not bad. Fun if you let it all go and forget about the lack
of backstory about the symbiote, and character
inconsistencies, enjoy the pure action rush, the STUNNING
special effects, and focus on the emotional story of Peter
and MJ (and somewhat Harry, though that was also rushed).

This movie should have been made into 2 separate story lines
in my opinion, and while I'm not put off of Spidey, I am
certainly not going to turn blue with baited breath NEXT
time. I think there's been enough color change for one movie

Now Extra thoughts:

My last final is tuesday in Sociology. Wish me luck!!!

I watched SPIDERMAN 3 online through tonite for
free. I am SO loving this website.

My Cellphone is still off, but will have it on again by end
of month, I promise.

how long it's been since any more intense than THAT, lol)

Alright evryone. Guess that is my quarterly report!!!!