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2007-05-03 12:14:31 (UTC)

"Late" to work

So I got in "late" to work today. Just now, at 0800.
Yippee. Imagine, I normally get here at 1030. I hate this
place right now and I just want to get in and out with the
least amount of interaction I can with anyone. It won't
last - I'm not able to repress my "gregarious" nature for
too long at a time, and then my forgiving side comes out
and yada yada yada, and I go back to being good old me.

A friend of mine called me a "good guppy" yesterday and it
made me laugh so hard, because it most definitely wasn't an
insult in context. It would make anyone reading about it
laugh hard, too, if only I could get the time to write it
out properly. I went to my parents' place last night and
was relating the whole involved story (of which "good
guppy" is but one small portion of the whole) to my mother
and she about cried from laughing. That was nice to see
because she doesn't always remember she used to have a
fantastic sense of humour. But...anything work-related,
and I can always count on her to want every last bloody
detail and to be able to laugh about it...

I was going to write more about last night and the night
before (isn't that a children's skipping tune? "Not last
night but the night before, 24 robbers came to my
door..."), but given that I just got here and I promised my
mom I'd meet her for dinner at about five thirty, so I
really do have to leave on time tonight. So...no writing
in here for now, unfortunately.

I still maintain that the people running this place are
doing it wrong, but I guess since I don't have any good
suggestions, I don't get to say that. I'll tell you all
about it soon, I hope. SIGH. What a thing to look forward
to. At any rate. I've already sent an e-mail to the
second-in-command, gleefully noting it will be timestamped
at 0804, so they can shove it where the sun don't shine if
they think we aren't working hard enough. Bastards.

And...that reminds me. I'd really better put in some of
that overtime...why that's so hard for me I'll never
know...I even get the forms filled out and neglect to take
the to the appropriate person. HOW STUPID. FOR MONEY!
JESUS. LOL. Oh god, right now, it is SO not funny.

Gotta go. Will write more soon, I hope. Have a lovely


P.S.: I'm feeling almost happy. Hath hell frozen over and
why wasn't I copied on the memo??? Shit...

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