Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2007-05-02 22:46:03 (UTC)

I sleep alone

I kinda had a meltdown yesterday. Thats what that whole
entry was about. I have been all weird about things with
Matt. Like i don't want to go into the room he kept all his
stuff in while he was here cause it reminds me of him. I
didn't even erase his voice off of my answering machine
(how pathetic is that) I won't even wash his shirt thats
still here cause it still smells like him. I use his
blanket everynight when i go to sleep. I look at my bed and
i won't sleep on "his side". I guess I'm still catching up
to the fact that I sleep alone. Anyone can look at me and
see how much i still hurt.

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