I drink Alone
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2007-05-01 15:12:19 (UTC)

May 1

Ugh, I've gotten like an hour of sleep so I'm pretty
grouchy. Hayden is outside playing with his trucks.
Last night I went to Austin to play pool with Shadow,
Lucky, Scott and another of their friends.
I told J a couple days ago that I was starting to feel sick
like I was pregnant. He told me to come over so we could
talk. When I got there we didn't do much talking, Matt
showed up a couple minutes after I did. We sort of just
hung out. They'd ordered pay-per-view wrestling for later.
I walked over to Franks to talk to him because he was
freaking out for some reason because I'd told him I might
While I was over there Frank said something about how I was
now owned by this guy. I'm like, "No way!" Then J called
and left a message saying he hadn't seen me outside so he
was wondering where I'd gone.
Tim, Scott, Pacheco (?), showed up for wrestling. I was a
little surprised because Tim was asking if I smoked weed
and I said no, He said something else and J's like, "She's
pregnant." I was a little shocked he said it but thought he
might be kidding. But a little later he talks to me in
front of everyone again about boarding schools.
Later Ja-vanna texted J and asked if I was over, when he
said yes she asked for me to come over. She was actually
sitting right outside the apartment building waiting for
her parents to come pick up their puppy. She said Scott had
told her not to bring it in because J and Tim might rough
it up.
She was a little upser over money reasons so we stayed
outside and talked. Went on a cig run, Scotts sister showed
up then went over to J's.
We went over after her parents showed up. Before we got
there Ja-vanna asked if we were actually dating, I told
herI didn't think so.
But J was very sweet the whole time. Ja-vanna kept making
faces at him and laughing at us cause we were being silly
She had to go back over to her place and asked if I would
walk her, then was like "Yes ya'll are dating! It's
obvious! You're crazy if you don't think so."
When we got back she said something else to J and he's
like, "It's not like I try and hide it."
Frank called me again and I must of acted a little upset
when I hung up. J picked up my phone and called him back
asking why he was upsetting his girl, etc.
He told me later he talked to Scott asking if he knew
someone named Frank. Scott told him yeah and really wanted
to go beat him up. I'm not really sure what all Scott has
against Frank. Matt got in on it wanting to go over there.
But finally they forgot about it.
After wrestling Tim went home, the rest of us drank beer
and goofed around.
After everyone left and Matt passed out on the sofa I got
to talk to J a little bit. But h e was tipsy so I donno.
He told me he thought part of him was falling in love with
me I said, "Shut up! Ja-vanna told me you told her I was
too clingy." Which she had. She said he had said I might
get that way and he wasn't used to it, she's like, "but i
can see who's clingy now"
He got PISSED. He swore he never said that. He said Scott
had talked to him about not being with me again. Scott
apparently told J that I'd been with 35 ppl in the past
couple months. Which is crazy since Scott doesn't even know
J's like,"lets make a deal to not listen to what other
people tell us"
Before he went to sleep I asked him again if he'd mind if I
was pregnant, he's like, "No, I already told you that."
So we'll see. nothing left to do but wait.