Torrance the Vamp

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2007-05-01 01:36:18 (UTC)

I'm going to die

I'm going to die from being inundated in hw before I even
start thinking about suicide.

At this current moment I have 17 hrs of hw left

all that is left that is due tmorrow is my humor grid

that'll take me an hour

so then i'll have 16 hours of hw

it 6:33 and my latest of staying up will be 11. so that
give me 3 hours of doing stuff for thursday

meaning by the end of tonight i should be left with 13 hrs
of hw left

the i have tuesday night and thursday night to work on this

so spilt that up thats 7 hrs each night

3:30 to 10:30

I think if I work my ass off

and I don't fool around

and I don't procrastinate

and I am efficient

and i quit writing in this

that i just might make it.

Thought of the Day:

wish me luck

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