Nick's Journal
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2007-04-29 20:35:49 (UTC)

Love, Actually

screaming at another for 3 hours as to whether or not res
ipsa loquitur is permissible or presumptive evidence of
breach can kind of drain your soul.
as i was shuffling in the near delirious state i tend to
acquire when i am in "exam mode" i stopped by blockbuster to
trade in my latest mail-in movie. as i was perusing the
aisles contemplating whether or not blockbuster had a duty
to me as an invitee of their property in case a monkey with
an axe decided to come in and hack me into bits, i noticed a
movie which i had given 5 stars...Love, Actually.
if you've never seen this movie, you have to. unless of
course you have too much testosterone. the cover says it
all really, "the ultimate romantic comedy". yes that's
right, i'm admitting to not only giving "the ultimate
romantic comedy" 5/5 stars but that i rented it without the
preconceived intent of bedding a chick by showing my feelings.
the fucking blockbuster people always have to announce the
name of the movie too when they tell you when it's
can't they just smile and wink and put it in a little pink
baggie for me?
christ. so anyhow, i love the movie. i love the ex-star
rocker, i love the british humor, i love keira knightley, i
love all of the actors and actresses actually, and in the
words of the family guy, hugh grant is charmingly befuddled
throughout the entire movie.
absolutely excellent. and as i felt a little bit of my
emotional humanitarianism flow back into my veins pushing
out the iccy cold blood of logic, i began to miss my baby.
they say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it's
even harder if you never get to see your wife in the first
we've been apart now for over 3 months and i have 2 more
weeks until i'm finally with her again.
i don't know, there's just something about a movie like this
that just makes me feel sad and alone in a way. i sorta
feel like tom hanks in sleepless in seattle, although i
can't say i've ever seen that movie. maybe i'll go have a
sex change and rent that next.
anyhow, my point is that i really love love actually. sure
it's corny and eye-rollingly idealistic at times, but you
know what? that's what movies are supposed to be right?
movies don't show husband and wife screaming at each other
over dried ketchup on the bottle rim. they don't show the
girlfriend berating her boyfriend for never drawing the
shower curtain.
that's not what they're supposed to do! they're there
primarily to warm our hearts as a father encourages his son
to run past the airport security guards to tell a girl in
his class that he loves her.
it's sappy and the cynics may roll their eyes, but it's just
a nice look at life. losing your soul in the twisted world
of res ipsa loquitur and yelling in your study group for
three hours can turn you into a babbling,
not-having-showered-in-four-days-and-counting, austrian.
but anyhow, this movie has gotten me to shower (or at leasdt
thinkg about it) but more importantly it has made me even
more anxious to see juliann.
there are exactly 4 exams and two weeks between i can
finally hold her in my arms and tell her that i love her.
or do something corny like learn how to play the drums and
surprise her by setting them up in her office cubicle and
banging out "moby dick".
anyhow, the point of all of us this is that love actually is
well worth a rent (especially if you want to score
"sensitive side" brownie points without wanting to tear out
your own eyeballs) because it just makes you feel good about
humanity in general...and after 71 torts cases, i kind of
need that renewed faith in humanity.