Nick's Journal
2007-04-25 00:32:35 (UTC)

Somebody dropped a dime

the notion that law school has become overly competitive has
struck a new note at the apparent crucifiction of stephanie
and danielle for violating the legal writing memo mandate.
our final legal writing memo was assigned with the strict
rule that we "must not talk to anyone about the substantive
material of the memo."
gimme a fucking break.
now i am all for not cheating or what not, but when it comes
to writing a legal memo, you either know how to do it or you
don't. it's sorta like discouraging cheating on the LSATs.
you can talk abaout the cases you're giong to use all you
want, but if you're not capable of identifying and applying
the rule to the facts and crafting a well organized memo
about the possession of a deadly weapon on sschool grounds,
no amount of 'meetings' withi fellow students is going to
save your ass.
be that as it may, law school is apparently a police state
in which fellow students will rat each other out. this i
experienced as i talked to stephanie and danielle about
their legal writing memo.
they clammed up and gave me this look.
"you didn't hear?"
"hear what?"
there was dead silence as they stared at each other for a
"we got ratted out!"
"someone told on us, that we were talkinga bout the memo!"
"yeah, someone must have overheard us talking about it and
told the professor...we're in big trouble,"
with this danielle's voice began to crack,
"we might get referred to teh ethics committee!"
jesus h. christ!
someone actually ratted these two girls out for breaaking
the rule that, "thou shalt not talk about memo # 4!"
how sick is that?
law school is sick. people will tell on each other for shit
like that, it's unbelievable.
personally i don't give a fuck what anyone else does. sure
i'm highly competitive and want to leave their mangled
bodies in a ditch somewhere after i score a higher gpa then
they, but to rat them out?
come on, it just seems petty and underhanded. ift hey want
to talk about it, so the fuck what?
i don't know it sorta makes me feel squeamish that someone
woudl do that.
the onething i guess that really bothers me in all this is
that danielle and stephanie were squeamish enough to admit it!
if someone brought my ass in the light, i'd deny it to no
end, throw counter-accusations and demand to know who ratted
me out, insinuating that he (or she) was sleeping with the
professor, had beef with me that went back to 1995 and was
really a transvestite who slung crack after civil procedure.
fuck, there would be NO WAY that i would come clean. fuck
them and fuck the rat.
if you want my ass out there you givec me the due process of
law. or whatever it's called that you get when hauled in
front of the ethics committe.
i gues in a sad way maybe it goes to show that danielle and
stephanie were not meeant to be lawyers cos they rolled over.
christ listen to me...i'm turning into one of them.