soul survivor
2007-04-23 04:21:17 (UTC)

i think i'm havin a change of heart

Dear Journal

Lastnite i met these 2 HOT looking guys one guy is Glenn,
he's brads cousin (lo's bf)it's WOW he's HOT nice body and
he has blonde hair. But he's seems like the type of guy
whose like me. Too into themselves or like one of those
like "thats right check me out, you know you want this" The
whole nite he was like "gurl your gorgeous and yor sooo
SEXY" i just laugh, though i have bf actually A fiancee, i
can't help the fact that i love to FLIRT!. Its the only
time where i can be a gurl, and chat it up with guys
without feeling tied down.
Then the other guy i met is GORGEOUS and very sweet he's
fr. cams hometown Regina. I has these really beautiful eyes
and red hair. He like growing up i've always been attracted
to blonde and blue eyed kinda guys.
Sometimes i do feel tied down. though i can do what ever i
want. i can go out with friends and shop. but i still feel
like i still have to answer to someone.
don't get me wrong, i love the boy so much. he means the
absolute world to me. loves him.
i just feel like at 22 i can experience more. more
relationships. with different people.
i just feel it's really hard to break things with cameron.
i've been with him for 2 years. he's like my really serious