Topsy Kretts

Breathing in the same sequence
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2007-04-20 18:49:22 (UTC)

april 20 2007

dream 1am

i was living alone in a run-down, ratty house
with two babies..a 3 months old and an 8 months old.
[this is the second time i dreamed of this house!]
every once in awhile people [comin down from the mountain
located at the left side of the house]
would use the left door at the lower ground of the house
walk straight up the living room and out in the street.
it was very annoying, there was no privacy.

i decided to permanently lock/seal the 2 doors
on the basement
the place was cluttered with lots of folded cartons
broken appliances and other junks
the door on the left [mountain side]
has a thin wooden door
the other 1 [right side [facing the street]
didn't even have a door
i looked for a makeshift lock
placed it on the first door..done.
next i managed to cut a thin plywood sheet
resembling a door
went to the last door/opening to seal it,
but when i tried to fit it in
the plywood was much too small for the opening.
i'll just have to make another one...
but as i lowered down the plywood on the floor
a group of [rugby] boys passed by and stoped to ask what
i was doing since it was very late already
i tried to answer and explain briefly
but i noticed some of them were
looking inside!they looked very interested and curious
so i halted and decided to
dismiss them immediately
i felt a sense of panic
these boys want to rob me!
Its now written all over their faces!
one of them said "c'mon let us in!
we want to see whats inside
guess they were thinking there might be
useful things lying around..
things they can rob!
so i said "no. now please go"
i picked up the thin plywood
sheet and was about to
put it up again..[even if it's way too small?]
suddenly i felt a blow in the back of my head!
one of them hit me with some blunt object
shocked, i turned around to see who it was
i faced the boys.. eyes widened when
i saw the leader's arms was raised he's holding a steel
another blow! i felt warm blood gushing
from my head!
i tried to stop him..he's about to hit me again..
i pleaded..i was so scared..
one more blow and i knew i was going to die
i said...helplessly.."please don't.."
his arms raised already [and the steel pipe]
"i have kids ..i have two babies upstairs
no one will take care of them..."
my head was starting to spin
blood was skull was throbbing very painfully.
" all go right inside and get everything
you want
[hope you enjoy all that junk...i thought]"

i left all of them
one last glance
reminded me of vultures!
gnawing hungryly on carcasses!
stupid kids
acting as if they found treasure!

i went up rubbing the
huge lump on my head
blood has stopped dripping
i dialled a number on my cp
i was trying to reach raffy's number
but there was no answer
or the screen some kind of an
error message kept appearing.
after several tries..
close to tears and very frustrated..i stopped.

there were two babies
the younger one [but bigger]
was screaming
he was very hungry...
the milk was spilled all over the floor
the other baby was just happily playing
but he was in complete mess
milk was all over his shirt
since there was no more milk..
i fed the babies ripe banana instead.

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