taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-04-19 06:48:57 (UTC)

Last week...

I "lost" my job, "lost" my girlfriend, and got a cold. And
yet, here I am, not distraught. Because, above all else, I
feel good.

Good 'ol Apo-Sertraline.

Despite the sweeping cosmetics of those events, it's not
ALL bad. Pheromones are in the air and the wind is
blowing. Oh.. and there's the other matter of the OTTAWA
SENATORS (greatest team in universe) pulling it together
and looking mean and playing like stink AND me going to
watch the latest chapter of their quest, in person!
Game 5, SPB - 7pm. 19/04/07.

Spring has sprung and things are budding and brewing.