Nick's Journal
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2007-04-19 01:57:27 (UTC)

The Health Care Industry is my sworn enemy

one thing i'd like to add to what i wrote about the tragedy
at tech. when i read over it, it looked too much like i
wanted to sweep all that shit into the dustbin of ignominy;
but that's not at all how i waant to view that.
i want to remember those who died and remember what happened
for the sake that they don't become statistics and another
horrible event in history.
i saw their names and pictures this morning and it made me
so unbelievably sad and a renewed hatred sprang up against
the perpetrator. it just made it all so painful. such
young people, such old wise professors, such people who have
contributed so much or had the potential to contribute,
wiped away by pure evil.
and as for that pure evil, do you think, CNN that you could
stop showing pictures of this asshole pointing guns at me?
i understand he was a psychopath but STOP!
anyway, i gotta write and think of other things.
and therefore i have decided that the health care industry
is my sworn enemy. my physicians and of course my insurance
my insurance company has taken it upon itself to make my
life a miserable hell anytime i submit a claim to them.
this is waht they've done to me in no particular order:
dropped me from the plan insisting i was an international
stating i was not a resident of the unitesd states and
demanding proof
demanding proof i had no alterior means of coverage
(medicaid/medicare, etc.)
proof that i had no dependents and if i did that they also
did not have any alterior coverage
a detailed history of past claims (even though i KNOW they
have this)
a detailed history of major medical procedures
verification that i am a full time student
verification that my bills are current with my university
verification that i have not applied for any transfers to
any other schools (although how i'm supposed to prove a
negative is beyond me)
and of course my personal favorite...completely redoing my
application again because their record didn't match my
school's record of me.
every single time i submit a claim i can expect them to try
and fuck me and with that i have these medical bills looming
over my head while i placate the insurance beaucarcy.
next to them i am at war with my primary care physician.
who treated me as a guinea pig about a month ago and has not
given me an answer as to what my lab results are.
about a month or so ago i wnet in for a routine checkup with
my doctor telling me she was "curious" and wanted to do more
tests "on the house".
i acquiesced and she has not gotten back to me constantly
blaming the hematologist. leave him outta this lady, i know
your adminstrative staff just forgets to follow up on my shit.
anyways, the cream of the crop is of course my audiologist,
just ready past journal entries to get an idea what this guy
is like.
well anyways, about a month and a half ago i was in his
office getting a hearing aid fitted when he was like,
"hm, seems as though your hearing has deteriotated since
your last test"
now i didn't know that hearing can deteriorate within 3
months but i decided not to argue as he said,
"i'm just gonna pop you in the sound booth for a quick checkup."
true to his word i was in and out within about 5 minutes.
"well seems as though it's all alright."
yes indeedy.
anyway i got an insurance postcard a few days ago stating
that he had charged $300 for this whole thing. of which the
insurance picked up all but $37.20 (of course not without
paperfucking me again).
now...i asked for an itemized bill from the audiologist to
figure out how in god's name he came up with $300.
and lo and behold everything was a number.
so i called him to get him to explain.
of cousre he got as agitated as he normally does when i
question him and he ended our conversation with,
"look, everything i did, i did, it's legitimate, okay?"
to which i can't argue.
he DID fit me for a hearing aid.
he DID run an audiogram.
he DID check the pressurization in my ears.
and i WAS in his office for that visit.
let me give you the grand total (itemized for the above)
1.) $100
2.) $150
3.) $20
4.) $30
he obviously just wanted to make some quick cash. come the
fuck on. he said my hearing went down (even though the last
test was within 3 months prior), he had me in and out in 5
minutes. to give you an idea, normal audiograms take at
least 45 minutes to do.
i mean technically he didn't do anything illegal, but
morally this is in-fucking-sane!!!
and i'm so pissed.
but what can i do?
he didn't do anything wrong that i can accuse him of...he's
just a gigantic asshole.
i'm so torn, on the one hand i just want to lay him out, but
i have no basis.
call the insurance company you say?
well that might be a bit difficult after i told them off
after my last re-application.
think they'd care? i fucking doubt'd take more
resources to investigate than it would be worth it.
i hate the world.