Nick's Journal
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2007-04-11 16:07:41 (UTC) so craaaaaaaaaaazy!

by now i'm sure you all know about don imus...the radio
shock jock who called the women's rutger's basketball team a
buncha "nappy headed hoes". actually i saw this on the day
it happened. i was bored and browsing youtube and by then it
wasn't a big deal yet. so i watched it and didn't even
catch what he had said until the second time around.
apparently this guy is your usual "shock jock" who basically
disparages everybody he can get his mouth to jabber about.
well by monday the iraq war was blown off of the front page
of CNN to show imus!
are you fucking serious? we have soldiers dying out there
and the top news story is some guy who looks like he was dug
up 3 days ago (seriously where is this guy's makeup team)?
it's not so much that what he said doesn't deserve a
reprimand but the outburst is ridiculously disproportionate
to the crime. what's worse is that this is exactly what he
needs! did you see him on al sharpton's radio show? he was
still calling black people. "you people" WHEN HE WAS
do you think this guy in any way really thinks what he did
was wrong? i bet you this entire time he's like, god damn
it i ragged on the one group of people that will blow this
out of proportion.
the rutger's basketball team is of course playing the victim
role perfectly and ironically enough, by late tuesday it
seemed to be backfiring.
it wasn't so much that people condoned what imus had said,
but that they were sick of the rutger's basketball team
crying about it.
the best thing that anyone can ever do when insulted in
public by some idiot racist is to just TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!
come on WWJD!!!
i know some of those girls believe in jesus! wait is that
anyhow, this whole incident affected me personally and on a
deep level.
last night my dad called me and tore me out of studying
torts with the following question,
"nick...what is a nappy-headed hoe?"
"ummm...are y ou serious?"
"yes, i looked it up in the dictionary...i only understand
headed...what is nappy? is hoe an abbreviation for something?"
"well hoe is sort of like whore."
"so hoe is an abbreviation for whore?"
"not's sort of not like a whore, sort of like a
girl who is feisty."
wow i just described a hoe being a feisty whore to my dad.
"so what is nappy headed?"
"it just meaans that you have disgusting hair...i think it
is used primarily for black women."
" he called them disgusting hair having feisty whores?"
"yeah...sort of."
"that's despicable!"
"yes it is."
"poor girls. what an asshole...he does this all for the
money too, his show is going to cmoe back with more
listeneres too."
at this the conversation kind of lulled and i was wondering
if my dad was planning on driving to imus to 'talk to him'.
"soooo, ugh i gotta get back to torts."
"yeah. bye."
imus look out!
anyway as to people getting annoyed with the victim in such
crimes it's a problem often faced in tort litigation cases.
people meet out damages not based on compesnation (which is
the principal behind the tort system...aside from punitive
damages) but largely to punish the wrongdoer.
i think because victimhood is so prevalent in our society,
so much in fact that a war can be wiped off the front pages
by a group of girls who lead a quite privileged life
comapared to the soldiers in hundred degree heat can whine
to us for a day and a half instead of doing the respectable
and inteliggent thing which is just saying,
"imus who?"