Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2007-04-11 10:16:34 (UTC)


reach out, touch the sky
fingers bled and nail's frayed
caustic wounds fluttered away

cadence now, the drum beats on
where were you when I screamed
your name, atop the winded sky

causeways and bridges in my mind,
dreadful songs all but gone,
hunger for lusted flesh burned raw

kinder surprises busted, cracked
and spread, like honey dew melons
on the landscape strewn

torrential downpour cascades through
your hair, the sun bleached lashes
falling upward in the air

garland wrapped, stuck fast to golden
tresses, shoes and soles nailed to
pretty feet in silken linen

sounds of music waft outwards
from your lips, pursed swollen,
yet full and red, so kissed raw

tantalizing breaths in frosted air,
heat blistered heaves of chests
beaten bruised by a call

doves flown bloodied and red,
their wind scattered blessing
filling all those below with dread

candor fretted about, I cannot
touch, yet thy smooth skin so
fragranted, my touch inflamed

feckless youth and infirm odd,
I yearn for you, as the wind
bleeds for silvered clouds

cast off chains, our guise lifted,
in heavens gate our foes slay
our lovers lies, ever to the end