Complicated maiden

Complicated maze
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2007-04-11 06:08:25 (UTC)

Beep Boop

Wow the last entry was quite happy
Dont worry Im done that shit
I am dating a boy named Jon He is 20 almost 21
we have been dating for xmas
Its pretty good the sex is good!
Hahah Yea. Its almost 4 months.
We have plans for a road trip on his b-day
Riley and I got back together then he dumped me,
It was fun
Yea I am kinda insane I see things that arent there and
I Have two people in my brain!!
I have lost weight Im on a diet and I do pilates
Ye-haw Im fucking boring.
I still see that Chris morin guy I saw him today at a
and this weekened at a show and 2 weeks ago on broadway
we always see eachother!
Jon really appreciates me
he makes me feel good
He makes me feel beautiful
Its fun
Im off!!

I will write more often!

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