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2007-04-09 07:12:25 (UTC)

The never ending story

Mmm I love that movie now lol
I hung out with melanie chris and caleb wednesday. We
watched that movie at mels house and just oh my goodness I
love caleb so much. We just layed on the couch while he
had be all wrapped up in his arms. Its funny the day
before I was thinking its been over a month since we last
kissed but when we watched the movie he kissed me twice,
amazing kisses. Hes really got the hang of it now lol. But
its so stiken cute how he does it, he always puts the
blanket that we have over eachother and just smiles at me
and then kisses me. GAHH I can not began to express my
Love for him seriously. I think tuesday were going to try
to hang out again but this time watch TNES 2 lol I
cant wait :]]]

Other news
Ive been getting job applications from all over but now
GAH im excited Im going to put applications in for two
tanning places, one I can deff get into and the other is
being built right next to my house. And caleb is going to
get a job at a pizza hut right next to my house as well.
So he said on his breaks he can come see me :]] Id like

Well, summer is almost here..I cant wait..yet I can. I
NEED to get a gym membership NOW. Ive gained like 6 lbs
and Before I still wanted to loose around 10..now thats
like 16 GAHHH. I have two months. Possible..but Can I do

Its getting late so im off to bed.

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