Jamie's Daily Thoughts and Goals
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2007-04-08 15:21:09 (UTC)

I'm Changing

O.K. I figured something out. If I dont put such harsh
expectations on myself I cant fail right. So ive decided
that I wont tell myself that I have to journal every day
since I dont seem to follow that stipulation. I will
however say that I will journal every couple days to
update the progress of my life so that way i can
accomplish my goal and stay up-to-date with things.
Friday i didnt get a lot done since i was watching my
godchildren for a few hours and then went shopping a bit.
I ate good and didnt binge eat. YEAH!! i made a bunch of
cupcakes and a cake for Xander and Violet's birthday
partry on saturday, did some chores and went to bed. On
saturday I went to Nickies house for the kids party and
spent a few hours there. Everything went well but I did
overeat a bit. I didnt binge eat of course because there
were others there but i could have i guess. I went home
and did a ton of paperwork and did my laundry. I did not
eat again. once again that was a successful thing for me
since I normally would have eaten just because it was time
to eat. I was feeling hungry right before bed but decided
to have water instead of eating. I did my meditations in
the am and pm on both days and plan to continue to do
that. Today is Easter and I will be going to the parent
house for lunch. It will be a bit strange because the only
family that will be there are mom and dad and dave, the
rest of the people are saras family which is odd. There is
some tension between Nickie and Dave which is causing some
tension between me and dave and mom and dad as well. I am
sure this will continue because I am in group now and I
will be having some rough times with family because of it.
I am just going to take thing one at a time and work
through them and hope to keep my focus.

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