soul survivor
2007-04-08 08:05:52 (UTC)

I realized

Dear Journal

So yesterday i was at my grandma's house and were talking
about chinese zodiac signs. My zodiac sign is the Year of
the rat and i found out that cam's zodia sign is the Ox. I
found out that the rat and the ox is compatiable with

So hear I'm thinking Omg cameron is really my soulmate.
Hear the facts:
rat & ox=compatiable
birthdays: both september
. both almost died when lil
I know there is alot more stuff

But i really cameron and connect in a way that i can't
explain i don't know it's just really weird to me. Like
honestly no mattern how stress i am or how much of a bitch
i can be towards him the boyb puts up with it, of course
it's not like he as well is not a dick.
Lately i've been just moody as hell towards him, don't know
what, but i have been. He's the love of my life I can
honestly say that. We are there for eachother, he's my
bestriend, someone i can trust, talk to and love. He's
loves me so much and i know he's a good man that would give
me the world. the boy spoils me to death :).