Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2007-04-08 03:31:18 (UTC)

new job!

start a new job in the morning for Cingular/ATT wireless
here in Sumter. JUST in time before panic sets completely in
seeing as I have $7.00 to my name after I paid the most
recent of my unexpected and/or "improperly planned for"
crap. Thanks to my Dad I was able to handle THOSE. The
change for that is what has kept me til today. It still pays
under $7/hr but only 60 days til an eval. & raise, it is a
small office when my gout is acting up like today so I don't
have to walk much, I have every Sunday off so I have a whole
day in which I can be guaranteed research and study time AT
A DECENT HOUR when I'm not exhausted from a long day
already, and they encourage and support my University plans
and schedule. So while I still don't make enough to actually
meet my expenses, at least I don't have to worry about
drowning any time soon. Just means I'm gonna have a lot of
past due bills waiting on my next financial aid overage check.

I also found out i get to go to the Morrisey concert on July
21st (Only 2 weeks after my birthday too!!!) thanks to my
friend Dave who sent some good Karma my way!!! I am so
excited!!!!!!! (I know that YOU ARE JEALOUS KAROLYN!!!!!!!)